Jan 31, 2010

Give Kids A Smile Day: February 5th!

The first friday in February is Give Kids a Smile Day. Thousands of dentists across the nation offer free services to low-income children. This year it will February 5th (this friday!).

For more information, go HERE.

Pass this info on to anyone you think might benefit!

Free Samples!!!

Free sample from Kashi HERE. Choose from cereal or a granola bar.

Get a free sample of a preparedness food pack from Prepare Then Share.
Go HERE to sign up.

Free sample of Mariani's Dried Plums. Go HERE and enter the code ADSUPER.
Should arrive in 7-10 days. (can anyone say prune?! we love them, though!)

Go HERE to sign up for a free sample of organic hand sanitizer. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Nice size for the diaperbag!

Doggy Delightz is offering a free sample of organic dog treats! Go HERE and scroll down to fill out the form.

Cash for Appliances Rebate Program

Similar to Cash for Clunkers, a new rebate program will be starting soon to encourage people to get energy saving appliances. Rebate will vary by state, but should
Go HERE for info on the program.
And HERE to search by state.
Sounds like you would receive a 15-20% rebate by mail after you purchase a new qualifying appliance at a participating location AND have them haul away your old unit--or possibly prove you recycled it.

If you don't have an old unit to recycle, this might be the time to keep an eye on freecycle for a clunker to have on hand when the rebate starts!

This should also work right along with sales, coupons, etc. I bet there will be some great deals to along with this program. In April, there will be an Energy Star sales tax holiday (at least in MO, if not nationwide) that this will coincide with. Probably lots of things going on around Earth Month.

Luvs Diapers for $3.70/pack at Diapers.com

The Thrifty Mama posted a deal on how to get Luvs diapers for $3.70/pack from Diapers.com
It involves cashback and a rebate offer, but if you need to stock up, it could be well worth it.
Check out her post HERE.

Become a Fan of Incredible Egg and Get B1G1 Coupon

Go HERE to become a Fan of the Incredible, Edible Egg on Facebook.
On Friday, 2/5, they will be posting a coupon for their Fans-- only available to the first 30,000! Click on the button that says Free Eggs to print a coupon for B1G1 free on a dozen eggs--any brand! (coupon does have a max value)

Jan 30, 2010

Ideas for a New Name?

I am considering moving to a new site. Not in love with blogspot.
So, I would have the option of choosing a new name and starting over.
I am so bad at titles, etc. Any suggestions?
Just brainstorming for now. Might just keep the same title...

Restaurant.com Gift Certificates 80% Off

You can get a $25 gift certificate at Restaurant.com for only $2 or $3. (They are normally $10-15, depending on the restaurant) $10 gift certificates are only $.80!

Just use the code BONUS when checking out.

Target: TomTom GPS for less than $50 YMMV

Before Christmas I happened upon a clearance of TomTom GPS units. I was able to get one for $50!

Well, I just heard reports that people are still finding these at their stores. Target stores do not clearance products at the same time.

Keep your eyes open for the TomTom 130 ONE and the TomTom 140 ONE. Both have been seen around $45 recently. Be advised that if you call your store to check on it, if there is one left, you may have just alerted that employee to go grab it! ;)

There are also reports of big markdowns (75% off) in the camping section--inflatable mattresses, bike accessories, and luggage.

Let me know if you find any great deals!

Jan 29, 2010

Clearance ShooShoos!!

Shoo Shoos has a great selection of clearanced soft-soled shoes right now. Normally $19.95, many are only $7.95! Shipping appears to be about $2.50 for 1 or 2 items for First Class.

There are also toddler shoes for $17.95, down from $29.95

Keep scrolling down to find clearance items. Not much left for larger sizes, but still lots for smaller feet.

Annie's Monthly Secret Code--January

Did you request a free calendar from Annie's Homegrown? The offer was made several months ago. I just received my calendar in the mail.

On each month of the calendar is a secret code. This can be used each month at Annie's website to unlock "special content and suprises".

If you didn't get the calendar, then don't worry! You can download a .pdf version HERE.

Just go HERE to enter your secret code.

January's code is: Bernie0110 (you can guess the code for the next 11 months, wink!)

This month, the surprise is a giveaway for a year's supply of cereal or a set of cereal bowls.

In a few days, we can find out what Feb. brings!

BTW, Go HERE to print a $.50/1 coupon for anyone Annie's product.
Is it just me? I can't stand the e-centive coupons! I can remember if I printed them, and then it wastes my ink and paper printing that I exceeded my limit. Why can't it just tell me that without printing?!

Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day

Are you swagging today? I got a 5 swag-bill last week. Just one so far today.
Go HERE if you are new to Swag Bucks.

I will try to share some Swag tips I have found over the last few months soon.

Email Subscription Back Up

I just imported a new Email Subscription button.
If you would like to receive posts by email, just enter your address on the right.

Walmart, Great Place for Whole Wheat Flour?!

I have switched to using Whole Wheat pastry flour in just about everything I make.
I am always on the search for a quality flour--but at a good price.

This is a YMMV situation, but the Walmart I visit carries a product called:

Wheat Montana, Bronze Chief 100% Whole Wheat Flour

The packaging makes claims of Chemical Free, GMO Free, nothing added...

It is not labeled as pastry flour, but it is of finer ground than the wheat pastry flour I was buying in bulk.

It usually sells for less than $5 for a 5-lb bag (about $4.85?). However, last time I bought some, I decided to stock up and buy 2 bags. It rang up at $3.32 for a 5-lb bag!!!! Fantastic price for great flour.

So keep yours eyes open. You might ask if your store can start carrying it if they currently don't.

Fresh Bread in 30 minutes-- Breadsticks!

I am often a procrastinator--particularly when it comes to dinner. The several hours involved with baking fresh bread is often a lofty goal, but I usually don't remember until 1/2 an hour before it is time to eat.

Because of this, I have taken to making breadsticks as an accompaniment to pastas, soups or other dishes that like a side of bread.

The below recipe was taken from a book whose name I don't remember. It is an easy, fast and delicious recipe. I use 100% wheat flour with good results.

Quick Breadsticks

1 cup flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 - 3/4 cup water or milk
coarse salt (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 400 F.

2. Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt in food processor and pulse to combine. Add the oil and pulse until the mixture resembles coarse meal.

3. With the machine running, pour 1/2 - 3/4 cup of cold water or milk through the feed tube and process until the dough comes together.

4. On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out about 1/8" thick. Sprinkle with salt if you like--I usually press it in a bit. Cut into 1/2 - 3/4" wide strips as long or short as you like. Then twist strips into rustic looking sticks. (grab each end and twist in opposite directions)

5. Place the sticks on an ungreased baking sheet and press ends onto the sheet if they start to unravel. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden.

Additions: you can add a spoonful of pesto, or throw in a clove of garlic and chop with the flour.

Pampers 3-Pack Sample Available--won't last long.

Go HERE and sign up for a 3-Pack Sample of Pampers new Dry Lock Cruisers.

I wonder if that means 3 diapers or 3 packs of diapers?

Britax Diplomat on Closeout at Diapers.com, possibly $135

Diapers.com has the Britax Diplomat convertible car seat for $170 (reg. $260).
They price match, so go HERE to get info on how to price match. You can email them this link to bring the price down to $150. They usually do this within about 5 minutes.
Same deal with the Roundabout!! Search at the AlbeeBaby link above and it is $149 there!

Then, add a package of diapers to your order and use coupon code SEARCH10. (you can use any diapers--even Earth's Best, etc.) This saves $10 for orders over $49. (depending on the price of the diapers you add, they could be free)

Plus, go through Bing for cashback!! It should be 10% for carseats, so another $15 off!
Bing can be tricky, so you may want to take screenshots when you go through Bing to Diapers.com, to prove you went through their link. I did this exact same process when I ordered a carseat last year and I did receive the cashback. However, my experience with Bing has been hit or miss lately.

All this plus free shipping! Remember, your results may vary.

Also, after you order, go and print this rebate form. It is for a free subscription for Parenting, HOWEVER, and the bottom there are instructions for submitting it for a $14.97 rebate instead! (I actually submitted for this rebate awhile ago with Amazon, but it hasn't come yet. Here's hoping!)

Of course all of these tips would work on any purchase at diapers.com!

Thanks SD

Side note: When I got my closeout carseat last year, it was already two years old--it had been in a warehouse that long. I called diapers.com and they took another $25 off the price--after asking for a manager. However, not everyone ordering those carseats got older models. Just keep that in mind. Also, the more you fiddle with an order, the more unreliable Bing becomes. Hopefully it would all go through without a hitch!

Free Yoplus Coupon From Betty Crocker

If you go HERE and sign up for Betty Crocker's newsletter, you will receive a coupon via mail for a Yoplait Yoplus Yogurt. This is for new subscribers only.

You can also join the Betty Crocker community where there are other coupons you can access and print.

Yoplus is our favorite non-organic yogurt. It seems to have less sugar than a lot of other yogurts. I often get it for husband, as it is always VERY cheap or even free.

Jan 28, 2010

Qdoba -- Win a Free Meal

Here's another chance for free food!
Go HERE to play Qdoba's instant win game. You can enter everyday. ]Also, you can enter once per email address. Be advised, when you win a coupon, it expires 2 days after winning.
If you win, you receive a coupon for a free Craft2 meal with the purchase of another entree.

Ruby Tuesday- So Connected

If you have not signed up for Ruby Tuesday's So Connected Club, you might want to do so.
I received an invitation by email for a quick survey. In return, I received coupon for $10 off Two Entrees.

They are offering 3-course meals for Valentine's Day for $19.99 per person. Feb 12-14

However, since my coupon expires Feb. 7, we may have to celebrate a week early!

Cotton Babies Calendar & Clearance Bamboo Fitteds

With all the offers for calendars out there, it would be great to hang one with something REALLY cute on it-- like cloth-diapered babies.

Cotton Babies is offering bumGenius calendars for $2.99
Quantities are limited.

They also have some discontinued Bamboo Fitted diapers. They are 50% off. Only size small left.

Go HERE to see all their sale and clearance items. Even some Mama Cloth!

New Walgreens In-Store Flyer

Go HERE to see a new 2-page Walgreens flyer that should be in stores now.

There is a $2 off any Burt's Bees skin care coupon. Pair this with the $.50 off lip product q from the 11/15RP or the $1 off non-lip product. I believe there were a few items on clearance last time I was in.

There is also a $1/1 for Crystal Body Deodorant. I believe this was good on the rock and liquid last time. Great price for an aluminum-free deodorant.

The internet is ablaze with the Huggies wipes deal with this flyer:
Use the $1/1 coupon in the flyer and pair with a MQ for $.50 from the 1/17SS (or the $.75/1 q printable-dead now)

Huggies Wipes on sale 2/$5
Use $1/1 IVC (automatically deducts $2)
Use 2-$.50 q's
Only $1 each

If you HAPPENED to have 10 of the $.50 coupons, you could buy 10 packs for the Buy $25 in Huggies diapers/wipes and get $5RR.

Remember: All Walgreens coupons do not have to be cut out or left with the cashier. I always show them the coupon and then take it back to use again. I remember when I first started shopping at Walgreens. I tore up 4 ads one day for one little coupon in each. What a waste of paper! All they need is the code from the coupon. Plus, one coupon will automatically deduct off every qualifying item in your order. (even if fine print says limit 2 or some such)

Thanks IHeartWags and Hip2Save

Big Lots Coupon and Deals

Go HERE to print a coupon for 20% off your purchase at Big Lots. It expires 1/31/10. Unlimited prints.

I was there last weekend and found lots of great organic deals. There were 4-packs of Steaz green tea soda. I found 4-packs of Hansen's tangerine green tea soda for only $1!! I was unsure of how they taste, but husband informed me that I should have bought all of them! There were some organic cereals and other items, also. Keep your eyes open.

Free Sample of Barbara's Cereals

Barabara's Bakery is offering a free sample of their organic cereal HERE. Sign-up to receive a sample.

Hooked on Phonics Overstock Sale

Hooked on Phonics is having a big sale on a lot of items. Use the code SLICK50 to get an additional 50% off! (or try HOP50 for 50% off & free shipping--not sure if still valid)
There is also a new code FSWORK that gives free shipping after purchases of $25 or more. I don't think you have to get any workbooks to use it. Don't know if you can stack the codes, but it's worth a try!

We use a lot of there programs, including Master Reader (one on sale). I think these have been on sale for less in the past, but this is still a great sale if you are in need of some programs.

Cashbaq.com gives cashback for HoP.

Become a Fan of Mambo Sprouts

You may also want to become a fan of Mambo Sprouts on Facebook.
I have participated in two product surveys they have posted. Just yesterday I received a coupon for free Sunspire chips from doing this.
Edited to add: You can also sign-up to receive such offers on their website.

If you aren't familiar with Mambo Sprouts, it is a great online site that has printable coupons for organic and natural items.

They currently have coupons for $1 off Seventh Generation diapers, $1 off Country Choice products, $4 off 2 Rice Select items and more!

Become a Fan of BabiesRUs on Facebook- Receive $5 GC!

Today Only!
Become a Fan of Babies R Us on Facebook and receive a $5 e-gift card! This can be used online and in-store. The card expires 2/20/10.
I have also heard that if you were already a Fan, you can still sign up for the card.

Amazon Free Prime Trial

Amazon is offering a free 3-month trial of Amazon Prime, even if you have previously had a free trial.

Start by Clicking here.

Add this book to your cart using the "Add to cart with free 2-day shipping" button on the right. (if you don't see the button, just add the book to your cart.)

Login to your account and you should be offered a free 3-month trial of Amazon Prime. Sign-up!! (if you didn't see the button mentioned previously, manually switch your order to free 2-day shipping. You should then get the offer.)

After you are signed up, you can remove the book from your cart.

Go to your Account and under Settings, Click on Manage Prime Account. Make sure and turn off your prime membership from automatic upgrade by clicking "Do Not Upgrade" button, and confirm.

Amazon Natural Grocery Deals-- inc. Coconut Oil!

Amazon has a 2-pack of Nutiva Coconut Oil 16 oz. for only $12.23 Use Subscribe & Save to make it only $10.40! That is a great price.
BUT... if you have any swagbucks giftcards, you can do what I did and get 2 for only $2.70 each! Sign-up for SwagBucks if you haven't yet. Love it!
You can find more info on the benefits of using coconut oil here. (take that site with a grain of salt) It is amazing stuff! I only cook and bake with coconut oil, olive oil and butter anymore.

Another deal I found was for Kettle Chips. I just bought a couple 5 oz. bags for $1.50 each, using this coupon (you have to sign-up).
Then I saw that Amazon had 12 packs of 9oz. bags marked down. Two flavors, BBQ and the Honey Dijon are marked down to $26.11 for 12 bags. That is about $2.18 per bag. A great price for a bigger bag. I used a gc and got them for $1.75 per bag. I didn't know if we needed 12 bags of chips or not, but after I mentioned it to the husband, he seemed very disappointed when I started to change my mind. They are delicious chips, though! Without a gift card, these qualify for free shipping.

If you shop on Amazon a lot (or even just once in awhile), I would recommend you take advantage of the 3 months of Free Prime offer that is going on. Prime gives you free 2-day shipping!

I Think I'm Back!!

Well, I think it might be time to dust off this here blog and giver her another go. I have missed it. A lot has happened in the last 6 months, though. We have moved to another state. We will probably be moving again in the next few weeks/months.

Just an FYI, if you were subscribed to email notifications, that service expired. I'll try to get around to setting it back up again soon.

I will do my best to try to continue to bring you the great deals I find. Help me out by letting me know when you make use of one of the deals I post, or just feedback in general. It can get kind of quiet in blogger-land at times. And with that said... I bring you my first deal for a new year!