Jan 31, 2010

Cash for Appliances Rebate Program

Similar to Cash for Clunkers, a new rebate program will be starting soon to encourage people to get energy saving appliances. Rebate will vary by state, but should
Go HERE for info on the program.
And HERE to search by state.
Sounds like you would receive a 15-20% rebate by mail after you purchase a new qualifying appliance at a participating location AND have them haul away your old unit--or possibly prove you recycled it.

If you don't have an old unit to recycle, this might be the time to keep an eye on freecycle for a clunker to have on hand when the rebate starts!

This should also work right along with sales, coupons, etc. I bet there will be some great deals to along with this program. In April, there will be an Energy Star sales tax holiday (at least in MO, if not nationwide) that this will coincide with. Probably lots of things going on around Earth Month.

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