May 31, 2009

Working Walgreens 5/31

This week seems to be a good one to practice working Walgreens--and make a little money in the process. This is what I did today. I visited 2 Walgreens and had 4 transactions.

#1 Bought 1 Ecotrin $2
1 Chinet Plates $1.50
Used q's Ecotrin $2.25/1 (The cashier price adjusted down to $2/1)
Chinet $1/1
Total: $.54 OOP
Received: $2RR

#2 Same as #1

#3 Bought 1 Ecotrin $2
1 Bar organic shea butter soap $.74
1 mini highlighter $.17
1 block chocolate (omega-3 with fish--curiosity got better of me) $.24
Used q's Ecotrin $2/1 (from newspaper insert--no beep from register)
$1 RR from last week
Total $.17 OOP
Earned $2RR

#4 Exactly same as #3

Remember, if an item will print a Register Reward, you can only buy one of the same item per transaction (ex. only 1 Ecotrin), otherwise, the RR for the second (Ecotrin, for ex.) will not print.

Also, using those RRs counts as a manufacturer coupon. You can only use 1 manuf. coupon per item. So, if you need a filler, you might look for those $.17 highlighters!

Any questions?

Also, a reminder, your store should accept a coupon that is more than the price of the item. General consensus now seems to be that they will just adjust it down. Example: Ecotrin this week. It is $2. You give a coupon for $2.25 The register will beep because it is over amount of the item. Your cashier may just override it for $2.25--Great! But, if not, she should at least adjust it down and enter it for $2. If she refuses, please call a manager. The cashier is mis-informed and will stay such unless told otherwise. I was in my store today and told they have it posted in the office to accept coupons, but to just adjust them down. It's nice when everyone is on the same page. =)

Old Navy Weekly is scheduled to reset Today!!

Old Navy Weekly is scheduled to reset today--Sunday the 31st. This could happen any time! You can also visit Hip2Save and keep up with the comments, as people tend to post where they find the coupons.

The $75 off $100 is supposed to be back today. Let me know if you get one!

Purex Deal

I mentioned previously that varieties of Purex Naturals Detergent is clearanced at Target. Go HERE to print a coupon for $.50/1 to make it even better. Today it was priced at $2.82

May 30, 2009

Coupon Code for Simple*Organized*Sanity

In addition to our give-away for a free consultation, Christie from Simple*Organized*Sanity is also offering 10% off any new service during the month of June to our readers!! (Keep in mind, that is 10% off if you contract her for an hour OR for a month!)

To take advantage of this offer, just mention the code BLOG101 when you email or talk with Christie.

My First Give-away!!!! Access to a Professional Organizer!!

This will be SaveGreenLiveGreen's first give-away. I am super excited about it, and I hope you will all jump in and participate.

I had a chance to meet with Christie Love of Simple*Organized*Sanity. She is a professional organizer (member of the National Association of Professional Organizers). Her services are vast and varied. You can visit Christie's website HERE. While there, sign-up for her weekly email. She sends out great organizing tips each week. You can also visit her blog.

So, Christie came over to visit the scene of the crime. (I love house-calls!!--just ask my midwife!) She was providing me with a 30-min. consultation. I wanted to maximize my time with her, so I decided to focus on one area in particular--my desk. Specifically my bookkeeping. This might be the place where I confess that I haven't balanced my checkbook in over 6 months--but that would be too personal.

I told Christie the issues I had with bookkeeping: my lack of time, disorganization, complicated system, etc. She was always quick with great ideas. We discussed what to keep and how long. She listened well and provided steps for developing a tailor-made bookkeeping system. What she suggested involved creating a binder. She was even willing to get the materials and create the binder for me! Something else she mentioned was the Neat Receipt. I love it! I will have my super-frugal eye out for this! I love that I could save copies of my receipts on a disk and then toss them in the recycling bin.

I really enjoyed my session with Christie. Now, I just have to go make my binder....and get in the habit of using it.

A Sample of Services available:

Residential Services: space planning, custom-built storage solutions, organizing specific rooms of the house

Organized Mom Coaching: teaches and helps you develop organizational strategies. I think this would be great for home-schooling families or families with very full schedules. (On a side note, Christie really emphasizes discretion and privacy, an important aspect of such work.)

Work From Home coaching: Christie has a strong background in direct sales, and can help jump-start a business, regain focus, implement strategies for growth, organization, etc.

She can even help with party/event planning and organization

And more!

FYI: Christie's rate is $25/hour. That is about $10 LESS/Hour than the competition. She also runs a referral program.

Win a Free 30-minute phone consultation with a Professional Organizer

To enter to win, visit Christie's website and check out the services she provides.

Next, comment here about what you would most like to work on with a professional organizer (if it is too personal, just tell us you want to organize the pantry **wink**)

Since it is a phone consultation, you do not have to live in the local area to participate!

For another chance to win, just link to this post on your own blog! Then come back here and paste your link in the comments.

Good luck!

Entries will be accepted until June 7. Winner will be announced the following day.

A few people have reported trouble with leaving a comment. You might try leaving an anonymous comment, and then just signing your name (assuming I know who you are--will need to contact you if you win!) You do not have to fill in the url info. If you continue to have a problem with it, feel free to email me your comment, and I can post it for you. Email button is in upper right corner. Thanks!

Walgreens Week 5/31

Hip2Save has the Walgreens highlights starting tomorrow.

View the ad HERE.

I seem to have LOTS of Ecotrin coupons, so I will probably rinse and repeat that as many times as I can this week. Each transaction is a $2+ moneymaker.
Ecotrin Tablets $2.00
-$2.25 printable HERE
-$2.00 RR at checkout
Fina l Price: $2.25 overage

I hate to buy disposable items, but I am hosting a baby shower soon and will probably get some Chinet plates for that.

If you need razors, the Bic Soleil is a good price after coupon:
Bic Soleil razors 4pk $4.99
-$1.00 RR at checkout
-$3.00 from 5/17 SS
Final Price: $.99

There are other items like cheap deodorant, toothpaste, dish soap etc.

Let me know if you find anything good!

May 29, 2009

I'm on the hunt for some new coupons for you!

$1/1 Any Method product (Use this at Target on all that clearance right now!)

$.75/1 Dole Pineapple

$3 off Any Three (3) Johnson's Products (excluding 4 oz.) **Bricks**
(IE) Link

(FF) Link (You could use these on Buddy Bars or maybe the J&J travel first aid kits?)

.55 off any one Package of Famous Amos Cookies(12oz or larger)
IE Link =9sgtb8oi

Firefox Link =9sgtb8oi

Go HERE to request coupons for Minute Maid frozen juice bars and other frozen novelties.
Will arrive by mail in 6-8 weeks.

$2.50 off any Pedigree Dentastix treat for dogs
(Combine this with the Shortcuts e-coupon to get them for free)

IE Link

Firefox Link

Old Navy Update

The Old Navy Weekly website should update on Sunday, and will include the $75 off $100 coupon again. These have become almost impossible to get, but you never know....

In-Store Clearance Sale

Also, if you haven't been in yet, the clearance at Old Navy is an additional 50% off. This sale runs through Saturday, May 30th.

There are still coupons available to print right now at Old Navy Weekly. You can take one with you to use on the clearance sale.

Coupon locations:

$20 off $100
Hang the orange striped bag in the lower hand of the lady with the purple dress.

$15 off $75
Watch the video and click on the $1 flip flop sign that comes up 9 seconds in to the video.

$10 off $50
Put Christopher's head back on his body.

$5 off $50
Click the lotion in the girl with the green bathing suits hand.

Thanks Hip2Save

Morningstar Farms Deal

Go HERE to and click Join Now to sign-up for Morningstar Farms Insider newsletter.
They will email you a $1/1 coupon. Keep hitting the back browser until it prints twice.

Then, you can pair it with the Target coupon for $2/2 found HERE.

Coupon Preview 5/31

Go HERE to see a preview of what coupons will/may be in the KC Star this Sunday. Coupons can vary by region.

There will be 2 inserts: Smartsource and Redplum


Athenos Cheese $.50/1 (doubled, will make for cheap feta!)
SoyJoy coupons
SunnyD Smoothies product $.55/1 (if no size restriction, could mean a free single?)
Target coupons for Softsoap
Newman's Own $1/2

May 28, 2009

Enter to Win a Smart Car--and Get a Coupon

Go HERE to enter Red Baron's Sweepstakes. They are giving away 12 SmartforTwo Coupes, plus other daily prizes. You can enter every day (if you are so inclined). You do have to register to play. Even if you don't win, it will offer you a coupon for $.55/1 Red Baron Singles product. This could get cheap (maybe even free?) pizza at Dillons? It will print at least twice.

What to do this summer in SW MO?

417 Magazine put together an exhaustive article about 92 Ways to Have Fun During the 92 Days of Summer.

New-- Newman's Own Printable Coupon

Go HERE to print a coupon for Newman's Own products. (Should be a new link, as I just received it today) There are two other coupons for products that have limited availability. Check to see if they are available in your area before you use your ink!

Mardel: Home Educators Sale Saturday 5/30

Mardel is having a Home Educators Sale this Saturday, May 30th. Check HERE for locations.

All Home Education Curriculum will be 20% off. (Alpha and Omega will be 15% off)

Coming up this summer, on July 16th, they will have an Education Sale. All Education, School Supplies, Home School & Kid's Products will be 20% off.

May 27, 2009

Enter to Win Bikes for the Whole Family

Snyder's of Hanover is giving away bicycles for a family of four (value $1,500)
Go HERE to enter the sweepstakes.

Grocery Highlights: Target & Dillons


Print Target coupons HERE. You can format them to fit two rows/page.

If you printed the Baked Lays coupon $1/1 from, you can pair it with the Target coupon for $1/1. They are on sale for $3 = $1 each

Back to Nature Graham Sticks are clearanced at $1.94 Get $1/1 coupon HERE --This is pdf, so you can print as many as you need.

So after stocking up on mayo last week for $.49 each, this week, it is now Free! Kraft mayo, on sale $1.99 (includes olive oil mayo). Use $1/1 from insert q's or, stacked with Target q for $1/1 (this q is also good on dressings)

Kashi cereals and bars are all $2.88 Use q's from for $1.50/2 or use the $1/1 for Honey Sunshine.

Yoplait Yo-plus yogurt is $2.09 Use the $1/1 q from (use my link in the top right corner, pretty please!)

Kashi frozen waffles are $1.79 They have yet to restock them at our store. Urrgghhh. But, if they have them at your store, use the $1.50/1 q to get them for $.29 each!

The One Dollar section at Target has tons of stuff at 30% off (Just look for the green dot by the upc code). I found DD a cute metal sign that says "Trees are for Hugging"

Health & Beauty still has LOTS of clearance. They are resetting the department, so take advantage while you can. Tonight I saw:

Bunches of Purex, inc. Natural Elements marked down to $2.82 (?) There have been some insert q's for $.30/1, etc.

Pure & Natural soap 2-packs These even had $1/1 coupons sticking out of the packaging! Or use the one on

Lots of Method products throughout the store.

Kiss My Face kids products..... and lots more. It is going fast, though.

I also got a few Johnson & Johnson first aid kits. They are over by the trial section. $.99 each Use the $1/1 J & J Red Cross insert q.


There was very little on sale in the natural/organic section. NP organic milk $2.99 Pears still $.99/lb

Dole Pineapple was $1.45 Use the $.50/1 q I posted awhile back to get them for $.45 I would still like to see it go lower--even free!

Most other things I noted in the post I made this morning.

I got free Weber seasonings, free colgate toothpaste, free kitten chow, free hand soap.

I also bought Sabra Hummus (I posted a q for this). It was on sale for $3.99 I got home and realized it rang up $4.99 Dillons has a policy that it rings up right or is free. I intend to call or go by there and let them know. I am pretty sure they will refund that item for me. Something for you to keep in mind. I always try to double check my receipt before I leave the store--but the more kids with me, the more distractions.

The Grocery Weekly (link on the right) does some match-ups for Dillons.

Blue Bunny $1/1 Coupon

Go HERE to print a coupon for $1 off any Blue Bunny Novelty Ice Cream Sandwiches (Birthday Party or Triple Chocolate). This could be used on a single to get it for Free or cheap. Go back to print twice.

After you sign-up, you receive an email with another $1 off coupon!

Free Lip Balm from Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees is giving out 1,000 lip balms every day for 25 days, to celebrate its 25th Anniversary--that's 25,000 free lip balms!

The giveaway starts at 8 am CST each day. Go HERE to sign-up.

If you don't get it right away, keep trying--we have a month to get in on this great freebie!

May 26, 2009

The Caregivers Marketplace

The Caregivers Marketplace offers rebates on a variety of products used in caring for people young and old. From diapers to dentures, it has a list qualifying products on its website. You print a form, submitting it and original receipts for items purchased, and you receive a rebate check back in 4-6 weeks.

All Huggies products and Pull-Ups
Ecotrin (there is a MM sale at Walgreens coming up)
Nature Made vitamins and supplements
And others

So, even if an item was cheap or free after coupons, you can still submit for a rebate. You do have to submit for 5 or more items at a time, but can do so as often as you like.

Free Sample of Mighty Leaf Tea

Dillons/Kroger is offering a free sample of Mighty Leaf Tea.
Go HERE to request it. (There are a few other samples as well)
You don't have to enter a Dillon's card #.

These are "Artisan whole leaf Tea Pouches™ crafted to infuse the senses.
Indulge in the affordable luxury of wellbeing."

New Coupons on

Be sure to check frequently. They add new ones all the time.

Today I noticed $1/1 on Yoplait Yo-Plus and
$.75/2 Nature's Valley granola bars, can use this with the Walgreens in-ad q
And More.

Some people have said the Kraft coupons reset again. I have yet to have this happen for me, though!

Join Sam's Club this Summer for Only $15

Get a Summer Membership at Sam's Club for only $15. Must sign-up between May 20-June 7.
Go HERE for more info. Looks like you can also just print the one-day pass and use it, too.

Sneak Peak Dillons: 5/26

Green Giant boxed vegetables 10/$10 Use coupons HERE and HERE to make Free!

Select Post & Quaker Cereals $1.98

Weber Grilling Seasonings Use insert q $.50/1 = Free

Healthy Choice Soups 10/$10

1 lb Driscoll Strawberries $1.49

6 oz blackberries or raspberries or 4.4 oz blueberries $1.99

Kraft Dressing $1.69 use insert q or tearpad for $1.50/1 (I think Target may have a better deal right now)

Naturally Preferred Organic Milk 1/2 gal. $2.99

Gatorade and Sobe are still 10/$10 Sobe B1G1

Dial Hand Soap 10/$10 Use the $.55/1 HERE to get for Free

May 24, 2009

Planet Walker Shoes 80% Off for Memorial Weekend

Through Memorial Day, Simple Shoes has slashed its prices on the earth-friendly Planet Walkers shoe line. These shoes were originally over $100, and are now on sale for 19.90! Check out the men's shoes too!

AND Free Shipping!!!

I am getting the very cute Leather Jumper in Java!

I edited my sloppy math. =)

Grilling Coupon Bonanza

So, this is not too eco-minded, but if you are already planning on grilling out and need charcoal to do so, this is quite a deal. We actually did this today, for a BBQ at DH's work.

Go HERE to get a coupon that says
Buy Kingsford charcoal (13 lb +) and any of the following: KC BBQ sauce....etc. And receive $6 on The Other White Meat (there seems to be no limit to printing this coupon)

Use the coupon that came out last week for:
Buy Kingsford charcoal and get a bottle of KC BBQ sauce free

Use the 2 coupons together and buy the charcoal. Get the BBQ sauce and $6 in meat FREE! It actually just takes $6 off your order. So whatever else you buy, you can use q's for also. Ex. Today we bought Johnsonville brats, so along with the other q's, I used a $.55/1 coupon.

Clif Bars & Luna Bars, 10/$10 @ Dillons

Clif Bars and Luna Bars are 10/$10 at Dillons this week (at least--some sales last for several weeks).

Use the $1/3 coupon in the Go Organic! coupon book to sweeten the deal.

May 23, 2009

Walgreens Coupon Book Alert!

We have all been missing the Easy Saver Catalog and the store coupons within it that could be stacked with manufacturer's coupons.

There may be a new alternative. In the last couple days, people are reporting receiving coupon books by mail. It is said that signing up to receive Walgreens email alerts is what will trigger receiving the book by mail. I am signed up. I haven't received it... yet.

However! Today I heard that they should also be available at the Health and Beauty counter. So next time you are in, look around or ask the HBA (health & beauty advisor) if they are available. Like the elusive Pharmacy Savings Book, these probably won't last long.

Walgreens: Week 5/24

Common Sense with Money has posted some match-ups for this coming week at Walgreens.

You can view the full ad scan HERE.

Nothing I will be running to the store for again this week. I do have $1/1 Tropicana coupons, so will probably go get some $.99 OJ.

You could get free toothpaste or toothbrushes...

Anything look good to you?

New Coupons on

Some new coupons came up today on


$1.50/1 Tazo tea

$1.50/1 Starbucks coffee 10 or 12 oz. bag

and more!

New coupons have been showing up almost daily. Remember, if there is one you want, print it now, as it is not guaranteed to be there tomorrow. You can print each coupon twice.


AND, Here is a coupon for $1/1 Bear Naked products!

IE or Firefox

May 22, 2009

Free Shipping at Cotton Babies!! This Weekend Only

Visit Cotton Babies and make any purchase from 5:00 pm CST May 22 through 12:00 am (Midnight) CST May 25, 2009 and receive Free Shipping on your entire purchase.

Enter coupon code Watermelon at checkout to receive your Free Shipping.

40% Any Item at Borders--Extended through Mon.!

Borders Rewards Members can get a coupon for 40% off one item HERE. It is only good today through Saturday, 5/22-5/23. UPDATE: This coupon has been extended through Monday!

If you are not a member yet, you can join for free and will get a coupon for 20% off another item when you do so.

(Borders and Waldenbooks are owned by the same company and coupons can be used at either store.)

May 21, 2009

Who's Going to Get One of These?

Go HERE to get a free Feel Your Boobies car magnet.

It is a humorous and attention-getting reminder for self-breast exams.

Let me know if you get one!

(I'm kinda lame--can't bring myself to put "boobies" on my car. But it is for a great cause!)

Old Navy Flip-Flop Sale & Coupons!

Saturday, May 23, Old Navy will be selling flip-flops for $1/pair (limit 5).

Keep a look-out tonight, as the OldNavyWeekly coupons should reset. There will be $60 off $100.

I usually visit Hip2Save and follow the comments of her Old Navy post. People share where the coupons are as they find them. Don't want to be a downer, but the high-dollar coupons have been gone in minutes the last few weeks. Still, you can usually get 25 or 30% off coupons. They have been resetting anywhere between 7pm and 3am. Who knows?!

New Link to $1 IP Kraft Cheese Coupon

A few days ago I posted a link to a $1/1 internet printable coupon for Kraft cheese.

Well, today I just got a new link! You can go print out two more (per computer).

I just used these yesterday. Price Cutter has Kraft cheese on sale for $1.59, so I paid $.59/bag!!

By the way, if shredded cheese makes you uncomfortable and you want more information about powdered cellulose, natamycin (it is not an antibiotic), etc., HERE is a link to FAQ from Sargento.
I often go back and forth on whether I want to use shredded cheese or not. It is purely a convenience. If you do not want to use shredded cheese, the coupons are also good on chunks or slices. Chunks do not have the added ingredients. I also feel like I get more for the $$ with chunks.

Attention: No Coupons in 5/24 Papers

Have a great Memorial Weekend. And enjoy your rest from couponing!

Are You on the Ruby Tuesday Email List?

I just received a buy one entree get one free coupon by email today.

Sign-up with Ruby Tuesday's So Connected program to get these types of offers.

We jump at these every time they come out. I think we have gotten it down to a science. For a family of 5 (2 adults, 2 solid-eating kids), we usually come out about $30 or so after tip. And that's for a pretty nice meal!

Looks like you can print one from this LINK. YMMV.

Get Ready to Get Organized!!

Christie at Simple Organized Sanity is graciously providing me with a consultation to help me get organized!! I will be letting you know how awesome her services are, and how my life is changed (hopefully permanently!) afterward!

But, her generosity doesn't end there! As a heads up, I wanted to let you know that she will also be giving away a free consultation to one of you lucky ladies AND will be providing a coupon code to allow ALL of you to receive 10% off on any service contracts signed in June.

I will be providing more detailed information on her services, as well as a review of my experience, within a week or so.

Let's Get Organized!!

Updated Grocery Highlights for the Week

Just wanted to say I updated the Grocery Highlights two posts back! =)

Healthy Home Tips for Parents

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a new section "For Parents".
This is the same organization that provides the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.

You can sign up to receive updates and information by email. There are also several "guides" you can view and/or print, including:

Healthy Home Tips
Guide to Kids Personal Care Products
Guide to Feeding Baby
Guide to Sunscreens
Healthy Pet Tips
Guide to Safe Cosmetics
and more

May 20, 2009

Grocery Highlights: Week 5/20

These notes are based on ads only. I will try to update after I get to the store.

First off, I have to say that Price Cutter is the winner this week. They have some great sales going. Whether you are going to be grilling for the holiday weekend or not, this is definitely around the time to stock up for the year on all things picnic/grilling-related.
Note: Some of this is conventional food. I list what interests me... There are probably more items that have coupon match-ups, so keep your eyes open.

Price Cutter

Sweet Corn $.10 each (limit 10)
Van Camp's Pork & Beans 3/$1
Kraft Dressing $1.49 If you still have your $1.50/1 q's = Free, or use $1/1 q's from link in top right corner
Kraft Cheese (crumbles, cuts, chunk, shreds) $1.59 Use $1/1 q's I posted link earlier, =$.59 ea!!
Lay's Chips, B1G1 (depending on the price, Dillon's is prob. the better deal)
Nabisco Crackers, B1G1 (If Artisan Wheat Thins are included, use insert q's that are B1G1 to get 2 for free!) Well, the Artisan crackers are part of the sale. However, the register rings them up each at half-price, instead of one full-price and one for free. When I went to use my coupons, I had a very negative experience with the manager. He ended up putting my coupon in for the full-price of one box (getting me 2 boxes free), but was very ugly about it. I called the corporate office today to discuss his behavior and their coupon policy in general. The customer service at the corporate level was excellent. I was told that I could use a B1G1 coupon with the B1G1 sale, and that the coupon should be entered for the full-price of the item. I was told the store would be alerted to this. Please don't let people treat you disrespectfully just because you are using coupons! We are just trying to do the best we can for our families. If you don't have a B1G1 coupon, since they are ringing up half-price, you can use the $1/1 coupons from to make the boxes $.75 each. Use the link in the upper right corner.

3 lb bag of organic onions, $2.49 The ad says these are Melissa brand, but at the store on Sunshine, I was pleasantly surprised to find they were Earthbound Farms. This allowed me to use my $.55/1 coupon and get them for $1.94/bag or $.65/lb-- a great price for even conventional onions on sale, let alone organic!!

McCormick Grill Mates 5 for $4, use $.50/1 insert q's to get for free! The ad quotes this sale, but be prepared as they are not entered right into the register. Cashier should just overide the price.

Smart Chicken, boneless skinless breasts and tenders $3.99/lb
Johnsonville Brats $2.79 There are $.55/1 insert q's
Lipton Gallon Tea 2/$5 Many of these have $.50/1 hangtags = $1.50

PC doubles coupons with face value up to $.50


Lay's Chips $1.88 (I posted the $1/1 coupon from Smartsource earlier)
Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausages B1G1, use 2- $.55/1 insert q's = about $1.25 ea
Post Cereals $2.48 (if includes Trail Mix Crunch, use $2/1 IP)
Weber Spices 10/$10 Use $.50/1 insert q = Free
Reach Toothbrushes 10/$10 Use insert q's B1G1 and a $.50/1 = 2 Free
Colgate Toothpaste 10/$10 Use $.75/1 insert q's = Free
Sobe and Vitamin Water are both 10/$10 I posted a link to B1G1 IP for Sobe a while ago.
Barbara's Cereals are $3.50, use $1/1 IP posted awhile back (don't expire until Dec!)
Organic Pears are still $.99/lb I laughed, as conv. pears are priced at $1.19 I doubt anyone even notices they could get organic cheaper!

There are lots of other match-ups with q's and cellfire and shortcuts, too. These are just the freebies, etc. Let me know if you spot any other great deals! I'll try to update when I actually get to the store.

After shopping, I realized that both a Cellfire q and a Shortcut q did not come off my order. If this happens, it is very simple to just contact them online, fill out the form and they will credit your Plus card, which will come off on your next order.

Another thing I have learned, Dillon's gives a $.05 bag credit for every bag. Now, depending on the cashier, it can be for every bag you BRING or Use. Needless to say, I bring them all in now. ;)

Eco-Friendly Shoes--As Low as $9.90!

Simple Shoes has some of its women's shoes clearanced as low as $9.90
It seems there lots of smaller sizes left (5-7?), but it depends on which pair you look at.
(There are also some men's shoes on sale, too)

These are adorable shoes made from eco-friendly materials, like hemp, organic cotton and recycled tires.

Even better, all orders ship free right now!!

Let me know if you score a pair!

Free Sustainable Energy Show, Memorial Day

Free Sustainable Energy Show
Mon. May 25, Memorial Day, 10-4pm
Marshfield, MO

There will be demonstrations and information on a variety of topics, including:
Solar and wind power, biodiesel, dome home construction, raised-bed gardening, and more.

They will also be giving out the Go Organic! coupon book, as a bonus.

From Springfield, I-44 East. Take exit 96, Northview. Turn right. Turn left at stop sign.
Go approx. 2 miles. Under the radio towers on the left side of the road.

May 19, 2009

HOT!! Walgreens $5 off $25, May 20/21

Go HERE to print a $5 off $25 coupon for Walgreens. Good May 20 & 21 only.

It does say total is after all other coupons, but you might try to hand it over FIRST, and then the rest of your coupons. YMMV. (Remember, always use manufacturer q's then store q's, except in this situation)

This would be good to use with things that will give RR--as you get your discount after the transaction is over, so to speak.

Mambo Sprouts Coupon Book

I just got my Mambo Sprouts coupon booklet in the mail yesterday.

Visit the site HERE to print online coupons AND sign-up for the coupon book (look under the "Coupons" tab.

Even though their website says this:

"Our coupon program provides consumers with a value-packed coupon booklet distributed in almost 1,000 retail outlets four times a year. Additionally, the booklets are mailed three times a year to 385,000 health, natural, and organic product consumers in the following metro and suburban areas:

Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angele, More mailing regions are coming soon!"

and I am not in any of those areas, I requested a book anyway. This proves it can't hurt to ask!

Found in the book:

Luna Cookie $.50/1

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze almond milk $.75/2

Blue Horizon Organic Spring Rolls B1G1

Country Life Product $3/1

Fiji Water multi-pack $1/1

Garden of Life Vitamin Code $5/1

Green & Black's products $1/1 (yum! chocolate!)

Ian's Sweet Potato Fries $1/1

Kashi U Cereal $1/1

Kashi Cereal Bars or Sunshine Cereal $1/2

Lifeway product $1/1

Arico product $1/1

RiceSelect items $3/2

San-J Tamari, etc. $.55/1

thinkproducts bar $.50/1

Organic Valley milk $1/1

Organic Valley lactose free milk $1/1

Organic Valley butter $1/1

Coupons: Stock-Up Now

You may want to print some coupons for upcoming sales:

In the next couple weeks, Walgreens will have Ecotrin on sale for $2 with a $2RR.
Go to Smartsource and print the $2.25/1 coupon. Will make it a $2.25 moneymaker!! (Don't forget you can print these twice)

Smartsource also has coupons for Baked Lays $1/1. These may be on sale this week at Dillons (or other Kroger affiliates) for $1.88

Green Baby Shower: Discounts for Mom & Baby

Visit KIWI's Green Baby Shower
Get discount codes for things like babylegs, organic nursing pads, Belly Bandit belly wrap (I so wanted one of these!), and more!

May 18, 2009

Free Vitamins at Walgreens

Natures Bounty Vitamins B1G1 free
-$2.00 printable HERE, use two
Final Price: products under $4, two for free!

Thanks Moms by Heart

Printable Coupons

If you didn't print this before, here are links to a $2/1 IP for V8-Fusion
Direct Link IE =7fuUJ91I

Firefox =7fuUJ91I

HERE is a coupon for $1.50 off Sabra Hummus. This is yummy hummus! I heard a rumor that it may go on sale at Dillon's (this week or maybe next) for $2.99

Dole Canned Fruit $.50/1 Use this at a store that doubles (Dillons, Price Cutter, etc.) and you could possibly get it free. We love pineapple upside-down cake!

Kraft Cheese (chunk, shred or slice) $1.00 off I think the coupon was only $1/2, so get these while you can! Get your coupon IE or FF

Here's one for $1.50 off Digiorno Flatbread Melts (rumored to go on sale for $2 at times). Convenience food I know, but those interested... Go here IE or FF

May 17, 2009

Grocery Highlights: Target & Walgreens

I managed to get out a bit today. There was a bit of drama, as I lost my purse (and cell phone) and had to cut my trip short. It was eventually turned in a couple agonizing hours later.


I bought over $60 worth of merchandise and only paid $13 (could have been $3 if I had remembered to use my $10 gc from last week!)

Here are some of my finds--incidentally, I got home and found that Hip2Save had posted some of the same deals...and more.

Joint Juice $.99 Free after $1 insert q

Hershey's Bliss Candy Bars (next to registers) $.99 Free after Target q (print from HCW or A Full Cup--links on the right)

Kraft Mayo On sale for $1.99 Use Target q $1/2 AND insert q $1/1 (use 2 q's) = $.49 each

Market Pantry OJ $1.99 Use Target q $.50/1

There was lots of Health & Beauty clearance again. Particularly, Dove Ultimate/Go Fresh items.
There have been lots of Dove insert q's. And, there were some $2/1 IPs. Pair these with the Target q for Dove Go Fresh to get things free or cheap.


I went by today and used my B1G1 coupons on Purex. I got 4 bottles of the Purex Naturals. They were B1G1 at $8.99 (marked up--pffftt). My coupons had max value of $7, and I used 2 of them, so I essentially paid $1 each. Not too bad!

My big find, though, was this:

Traditional Medicinals!! Several varieties (Echinacea, ThroatCoat, Kids ThroatCoat). All 50% off, so priced at $2.24 Use the $1/1 from the Go Organic q's for an even sweeter deal!
(I specifically found this in the clearance section of the WAGS on S. Campbell)

They also had black No Nonsense pantyhose for $.99 Use insert q $1/1 to get for free

If you need to find a q, use the coupon databases at HCW or A Full Cup-- or just ask me and I would love to help!

May 16, 2009

Walgreens: Week 5/17

Visit Moms by Heart for a full page-by-page match-up for Walgreens sales starting tomorrow.

Notice the Colgate Visible White will give overage if you print the coupon.

One thing not mentioned, Purex is B1G1. If you happen to still have the Purex IP coupon from awhile back (it was on last month), you could get 2 free.

There are lots of other deals this week--but not much I will be rushing in for (other than free detergent!)

May 15, 2009

B1G1 Snapple Coupon

Print a B1G1 Snapple coupon.
FF or IE (Hit the back browser to print it twice.)

Free Kerastase Salon Treatment

Go HERE for more info on getting a free Salon Treatment and Blow Dry on May 20th.
Participating salons found in 40 states. (Hey locals, we have 2!!)
Choose from 7 different treatments: for dry hair, oily scalp, brittle hair, etc.
Just print your invitation and take it in with you to be pampered for free!

WM Deals

I am not one to try to drum up business for Walmart. (Couldn't even bring myself to type the full name in the title) But, I know we are all trying to save money here and there, and I for one will shop there when a deal is too good to pass up. So, this post is for informational purposes, and I will leave it up to you if you want to go after it. ;)

Hip2Save has found some extremely good deals at Walmart, particularly using many of the Kraft coupons that were just posted. You can see her ongoing list HERE.

(Of course Breyers Ice Cream just went on sale dirt cheap there, right after I used up all my coupons stocking up at Dillons! Waah.)

Also, don't forget to browse the $1 aisle anytime you go. That row could be a couponer's dream!

And, I might as well mention this deal, too, since you all know how much I love ice cream!

Walmart will be offering free full-size samples of ice cream on May 30th from 11-4.
You can go HERE to plug in your zipcode and find out if your store is participating.
(Look's like about all the Supercenters in Springfield and Marshfield, MO are included)

MO La Leche League Conference

The Missouri La Leche League Area Conference
June 12-14
Columbia, MO

Click on REGISTER NOW to view the Workshop Schedule and Registration Fees

There are some great speakers and workshops scheduled, including... Elizabeth Pantley!! (author of No-Cry Sleep Solution)

Sadly, I don't think I will make it this year, but let me know if you are going and how great it was!!

May 14, 2009

Sunday Inserts 5/13

There will be 2 SmartSource and 1 RedPlum
Here is a list of what we may find. (I think the KC Star receives coupons similar to Pittsburgh)

May 13, 2009

Grocery Highlights: Week 5/13

Just some notes on things I saw today. Let us know if you find a deal worth sharing!


Breyers Ice Cream $2.88 Use $.75/1 coupons from past insert. Only $1.88 (I luv ice cream!)

Naked Juice is on sale 2/$5 Use the IP coupon $1/1 I posted previously to make it $1.50

Eckrich Smoked Sausage on sale $2.75 Use $.55/1 insert q to make it $1.75

Smart Chicken (whole) are on sale for $1.42/lb

Organic Pears $.99/lb (I think these were $1.99/lb last time I looked?)

Starbucks Chocolate still 2/$3 Use that $1/1 insert q to make it $.50!! (usually $3ea)

I found True North Peanut Clusters clearanced at $1.74 Use $1/1 insert q

I know there was more, but I had 3 kids with me!! (Every time, I vow never to do it again!)

You might visit the Grocery Weekly (link on the right) for more match-ups

Price Cutter

Sobe Lifewater is $10/10 again. There was a B1G1 IP out there

That's all I got off the top of my head. That was where my coupon box dumped, so no pleasant memories.

BTW, in case you haven't heard, Memory Lane Milk suffered tornado damage and is out of production for maybe the next 2 months. Boo Hoo!!!! This really makes me want to start milking our goat. Anyway, if you see any left, you may want to stock up.

My Nightmare Came True

So, I have had nightmares about this... And today it happened.

I dumped my open coupon box over at the grocery store! sigh.

May 12, 2009

Jennie-O $5 off coupon

Go to during the Biggest Loser finale tonight and download a pdf booklet that includes a $5 off coupon. Only the first 25,000 will get this. Booklet is available now, but wait till it includes coupon. Should be any time now!
It's there now. This won't last long!

May 11, 2009

Lots More Printables!!

So, after printing at, I found a huge list of links to partner offers!! Found on the thank you for printing page.

Here are some of my favorites:

$2/3 Hains products, inc. Maranatha nut butters, Spectrum oils, Health Valley Organics products, West Soy, Sunspire chips, etc.

Tons of Organic Valley coupons. Says you can print two of each coupon, and they reset once a year.
Keep in mind, that once you choose to print, the coupon is good for up to 30 days. You might want to bookmark the link and print when you are ready to use them.

Added: New Link to $1.50 off Kashi Go Lean Waffles

May 10, 2009

Newman's Own Coupon

Print a coupon for $1/2 Newman's Own pasta sauce, marinades, dressings, etc.
-$1/2 Newmans’ Own Sauce or Dressing printable (IE) or printable (FF)

This may be on sale at Dillon's this coming week. I'll let you know if I find out.

Kraft Printable Coupons--Won't Last Long

I know this is for pretty conventional food, but you could find some great deals with some of these coupons. Go HERE to register with Kraft and then click on "Coupons" to access $50 in coupons. Just choose the ones you want and print. These have print limits and will not last long at all.

Some of these will pair up with Target coupons. Check out the Target Coupon Generator at Hot Coupon World, Organic Grocery Deals, or A Full Cup for match-ups. Links are in list on the right.
You can use one target cp and one manuf. cp per item.

UPDATE: These are also available on right now. Go to the link in the top right corner and print another set of them.
If you think there is one you will use, print it now, as they won't last long. The expiration date seems to be about one month out, so I try to think of what I will use (how good a deal I might find) and how many. For ex. I will use the $1 off Planters on the natural nuts, so I printed as many as I could. I also printed a few of the Kraft Cheese shreds, etc., as they are on sale at Dillon's this week for $1.66--that would make them $1.06. That is pretty cheap for cheese! So just think about how you might use these to stockpile. The Kraft Deluxe macnchz could be found for around $.50/box with cp, the Kraft BBQ coupon could get it free at Walmart right now, etc.

Common Sense with Money has typed out the list and mentioned any match-ups.

Did you print enough of these coupons yet? If not, there are reports that they have been resetting on Also, a large amount of grocery stores are also posting the coupons on their sites. Visit Common Sense with Money to see the list of stores.

Starbucks coupon for Walgreens

Go HERE to print a coupon for $1 off a 9.5oz Starbucks Frappaccino at Walgreens. They have been on MegaSaver for 3/$5. (I haven't been in yet this week to confirm that is still the price--Also, you have to buy 3 to get the sale price)

I printed these last week, but this link let me print them again. Hit the back browser to print two from each computer.

May 9, 2009

Insert Preview for Sun.

Southern Saver has a list of the coupons coming out in tomorrow's paper. Take a peek and see if you need to stock up on papers.

There will probably be quite a few free or close to it items from these coupons. Lots of picnic food coupons.

Remember, these can vary by region and paper, so it is just a guideline for what we may get.

$1 off coupon for Naked Juice

Become a Believer/Register with Naked Juice and print a $1 off a 15 oz bottle of NJ coupon.

These are about $2.84 depending on where you find them. I think I will try to find them on sale for closer to $2. Let me know if you see them on sale!

Deal Over-- Free Gnu Bars

Dead Deal--Offer not Available

Go HERE to request two free Gnu Bars. Almost 50% of the RDV for fiber. Entirely natural. Only 130-140 calories. (works with Weight Watchers, too)

Walgreens: Week 5/10

I hope Walgreens picks up soon. Not much again this week.

Hip2Save has some match-ups HERE.

You can get free toothpaste, toothbrushes and/or floss this week.

Iceland Health Omega-3 Fish Oil is free after RRs.
"Iceland Health products are certified free of environmental contaminants such as PCBs, heavy metals, mercury, dioxins and pesticides."
Removed coupon, as it is not for this item.

Kashi cereal is $3/10 with a $3RR ($3/7), plus use coupon $1/2 from GO coupon book, or print $1.50/2,
You can also get Kashi cereal coupons from Just click on link in upper right corner. There is a $1 off Honey Sunshine coupon. Remember always hit the back browser until it prints a second time.

Deal Idea:
Buy 6 boxes -- Edited** You can't buy 6 boxes, because you will only get one $3RR. You would just have to buy 3 boxes and use a $1.50/2 coupon. You can then do it again in another transaction if you want more.

If you buy 3 boxes and use 1 coupon, they are only $1.85 each

Heard some of the True North Almond Mix are $1.87 use coupon for $1/1 from 2/8SS

I found Emergen-C Pink Lemonade marked down again to $3.29
And Nature's Path Granola for $1.09, used the Go Org. $1/1 coupon and paid $.09!

Can you comment?

Someone told me she has been unable to leave comments. If you have tried and been unable to leave a comment, will you email me instead? That way I know if this is an ongoing problem. To be honest, when I don't hear from you guys for a while, I get uninspired to keep the site going. The more feedback I get, the more I feel like spending time on it. I don't get anything else out of this but the thrill of sharing my finds. So if I post something you liked or you made use of, let me know!

No Electricity!

A tree snapped in half in our backyard, taking the power-line with it. We have been without electricity since 9 am yesterday. We are blessed though. My husband brought a generator home from work, so all of our food is safe--and we have the computer, tv, fans, lamps.... I know there are others out there without such resources. Our prayers are with them. Because we have a well, we are also without water when the power is out. The well pump can't be hooked to the generator, so that's that. I may have to go to the laundromat to wash diapers if the water isn't on by tonight. And I need a shower. Things could be a lot worse.

May 7, 2009

Grocery Highlights: Week 5/6

I just had a big long post typed and it crashed. Grrr.
Tell me if you read this and find it helpful. Otherwise.... I might just quit. Grrrr.

I won't post links to save time and sanity. If you want to know where a coupon is, feel free to ask. I would love to help.


Planters on sale $4 for Natural Harvest California Almonds. Use target coupon for $1 off
Teddy Grahams box $2 use target coupon for $1 off
Annie's mac n chz is on sale
Several Cascadian Farms cereals are on sale. Several coupons out there

Freebies in the trial section:
Axe shower gel. Use $1 coupon from paper to get free
Band-aids. Diego and Hello Kitty 10 ct. Use $1 off coupon to get free

Dentek Flossers, natural and compostable clearance $1.68 Use $1 off coupon

(There is tons of clearance in health and beauty--even natural brands, i.e. Kiss My Face, etc. I heard they were going to redo the dept. Most things are only 15-30% off right now.)


Oscar Meyer hot dogs 10/$10 (we needed them for BBQ at DH's work)

Sara Lee hotdog buns (including ww) $1.89 Use $1 off coupon

Kettle Chips, 5oz Tuscan 3 Chz, $2 Use $1 off coupon

Barilla Pasta 10/$10 I had coupons that expired a week or so ago for $.55/1 I got 4 boxes of whole wheat pasta Free!! Dillons accepts expired coupons for about 2 weeks.

Zone Bars $1.25 ea More coupons that expired week ago $.55/1 I got 6 bars for $.25 ea


Kashi Go Lean Waffles $2.54 Use $1.50/1 coupon, only $1.04!! (Lmk if you need link)

Back to Nature I bought a box of cookies and crackers. Used $1/1 coupon for each (need link? lmk)

Halls cough drops $1.18 Use $1/1 from paper. Keep for next season, or donate.

Riceworks Chips $2.50 Use $1 off coupon from paper

Earthbound Farms baby carrots $1.58 Use $.55 off coupon, tearpad

YoPlus Yogurt $2.08 Use $1 off IP coupon

Stonyfield Farms 32 oz Yogurt $3.32 Use $1/1 coupon from Go Organic! book

We got mailers that had $1.50 off any Speedstick (remember, I keep every coupon!)
Walmart now has a $1 aisle. I found Speedstick there, so bought 6 sticks for $1 ea and used a $1.50 coupon for each-- made a profit! They go in the donate box.

Free Sunbutter Sample

Get a free sample of Sunbutter, made from sunflower seeds.
Go HERE. Use authorization code 0428

May 4, 2009

My Walgreens Trip Tonight

Had an especially fun trip to Walgreens tonight. Thought I would share, as an example of what you can make happen. Also to show why you might want to collect/save coupons for items you might not think you'll need.

I had to do this in 4 transactions. (Don't roll your eyes. That's the beastly nature of the new system.)

Tran 1:
3 Starbucks Mocha Frappucinos, on sale 3/$5, used 3 $1 off coupons HERE= $.67 each

2 Nature Made Vitamins- Zinc, on clearance $1.39, also B1G1, used $1 off coupon (could have used 2 of those) = $.20 each

1 RightGuard FastBreak Deodorant $2.99, gives $2 RR; I had IP coupon for free deodorant

Total $2.38, I used a $2 RR and paid $.38 on my gift card (no out of pocket)
I earned a $2 RR

2nd, 3rd, 4th Trans. all the same
1 RightGuard, used free coupon, earned $2 RR

So... I got all the above (4 deodorants total) for $.38 (on gc) and earned $8 in RR

It felt good......

All that deodorant went straight into my giveaway box. It will also feel good to share.

Chik-Fil-A Offering Free Chicken Strips to Teachers

Chik-Fil-A is reportedly offering a Free 3-Count order of Chicken Strips to teachers and educators on Tues. May 5th (tomorrow) in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day. Some are including homeschool educators in this. Click HERE for more info. This needs to be verified with your local Chik-Fil-A to find out if they are participating and for details.

Redbox Free Movie Rental Code 5/4

Today's Redbox code to receive a free movie is.... BT73H9.

Free Access to Online Learning Resources this week only!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Learning A-Z is having an Open House, allowing access to their various online learning resources all week long.

Go HERE to register and look around.

You can access a different webpage each day this week.
Let me know what great things you find!

Awesome Shortcuts Coupons Loaded! has just loaded some new coupons. If you are not familiar with Shortcuts, it is a website that loads e-coupons onto your shopper's card. Kroger/Dillon's participates with this (and I heard that CVS has now started also). These coupons are put directly on your card and used automatically when you purchase a corresponding item. They can be stacked with other manufacturer's coupons.
Cellfire is another website that does this. Cellfire e-coupons can also be sent to your cell phone and used at other places such as restaurants, retail shops, etc.
P&G E-Saver does the same with P&G products.

Right now on Shortcuts:

$1 off Cascadian Farms frozen organic vegetables, combine with $1 off coupons HERE, or $1/2 in Go Organic! coupon book

$1 off Muir Glen Pasta Sauce, combine $1 off HERE, or HERE

$1 off Naturally Preferred Whole Wheat Pasta

$2.50 off Dentastix (treats for dogs), use with $2.50/1 4/19 RP or HERE --makes them free!

May 2, 2009

Previews: Week 5/3

First, Go HERE to see the list of coupons you should/might find in tomorrow's paper.
There will be 3 inserts: SmartSource, Red Plum and P&G


Visit Hip2Save and/or Southern Savers to find lists and scenarios for this coming week's deals at Walgreens.

I don't think there is anything this week that I will be running out for. However, if you need deodorant or toothpaste, etc., this would be a good time to start a stockpile.

I do think I will try to get some Thermacare heat wraps. Price is $6.99, use $3 coupon, receive $3 RR. Like paying $.99

Naturemade Vitamins are B1G1 I've seen a few items on clearance. There are $1/1 coupons out there. You might try to use 2 $1 coupons with the sale. Depends on if they ring up half-off each, or full-price for one and $0.00 for the other.

Don't forget your Free 8X10 enlargement on May 6th! See my post HERE with more info.

May 1, 2009

Join the Home Depot Garden Club & Receive Coupons

Join the Home Depot Garden Club and you will receive e-newsletters that often include coupons. The most recent newsletter included a $3 off any hummingbird feeder coupon and $2 off 16lb bag bird feed.

You will also have access to experts to answer all your gardening questions within 24 hours and regional tips delivered via email, as well as a plant library and plant care guides available online.

Free 8X10 Photo Enlargement at Walgreens

Walgreens is offering a free 8X10 photo enlargement on Wed. May 6. Just upload a photo HERE and type in the coupon code MOTHER when checking out. Choose in-store pick-up to make it completely free!

Walgreens Intro--Revised

I finally got around to revising my Walgreens Intro, since the Easy Saver Catalog is no more. Let me know if it needs further clarification, or if you have any questions.

I haven't decided if Walgreens is not as much fun without the ESC. They have been offering a lot more RR deals to make up for it.

The key is to know about the big deals ahead of time. Keep up with Hip2Save or another deal blog for frequent alerts. I will post the ones I think are the most earth-shaking.

Win a Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike!

Go HERE to enter to win a Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike. This is a $1299 value!

Madsen Cycles are cargo bikes meant to make biking more economical. With the bucket bike, which comes with a removable bench with seat belts, you can strap your kids in and go for a ride, or pack your groceries from the local farmer's market in the tub.

Here are some specs on the kg271 bucket bike:
  • Frame. OST Hi-ten steel. Step-through frame.
  • Derailleur. SRAM X5 8-speed
  • Shifter. SRAM X5 trigger shifters
  • Disk Brake. Promax 160mm
  • Stem. Promax adjustable 1 1/8''
  • Colors. Black, Cream, Blue
  • Size. Adjustable for a variety of body types including 5'- 6'6'' builds.
  • Bucket. 40 gallon, LLDPE rigid plastic cargo carrier. Comes with rear removable bench seat and two seatbelts.
  • MSRP. $1299

Free Coupon Book for Alexia's Crunchy Snacks

Go HERE to request a coupon book for Alexia's new line of Crunchy Snacks. It is courtesy of, and you will need to either login or register. The coupon book should arrive in 4-6 weeks and will include 2 $1/1 and a B1G1.

While there, you might want to click on "Special Offers" and then "Coupon Central". There is a $1 off on Hebrew National hotdogs (if you are so inclined), as well as a few others.

Borders Coupons--Free drink & 40% off, HURRY!

Get a free 12 oz. beverage at Borders. Since it says "beverage" instead of just "coffee", I am thinking it means it can be a sugary, chocolatey, yummy delight! Exp. 5/6

If you are a Borders Rewards member, you can also use This Coupon for 40% off any book! It expires 5/2--tomorrow!!!. If you are not a member yet, you could probably print the coupon, sign-up in store and use it then.