Feb 5, 2010

How to Win More SwagBucks

How is your swag searching going?  Here are some tips I have learned along the way.  You may already be aware of some/all of them, but I thought I would share.

  • First, if you haven't signed up for SwagBucks yet, you can't earn unless you register.  Go HERE to get that out of the way!  You will automatically earn 3 bucks just for doing so.
  • Take advantage of Mega SwagBucks Day-- which is TODAY!!!  Every Friday, you could earn higher rewards for searching--up 100 swagbucks for a single search!  Try to find reasons to search on SwagBucks as much as possible.  
  • Download the SwagBucks Toolbar.  It gives you instant/easy access to the search engine.  You get messages and alerts when there are new swag codes available.  Or, you can install a plug-in for your browser that allows you to make SwagBucks your default search engine.
  • Use it as often as you can!!  If I am going to a website, if I have time, instead of typing in the address, I will often just type the name into SwagBucks and look it up that way.  (if you type in the actual address, it may just take you to that page, so just leave off the .com)  You can do comparison shopping, too.
  • Other ways to win include telling your friends about it--you earn 1 SB for every 1 SB they earn (some exclusions) up to 100 SB!  You can also complete Special Offers.  I have yet to have success with this yet, so nothing to recommend there.  Let me know if you find a great offer.  There are some good ones if you have never tried Netflix, Blockbuster, etc. 
  • So, what to do with all the SwagBucks you earn?  I have been earning around 75-90 SBs per month.  You can go to the Swag Store and buy all manner of items and gift cards.  I personally buy the Amazon gift cards, particularly the $5 card.  These are at a low price of 45 SBs each.  It seems to be THE best value.  Be aware, Amazon cards are processed on the 16th and 30th of each month.  So if you submit for a card on the 2nd, they will not send you the code until after the next processing date.  The GCs come by email.  It is a code you enter in when shopping.  Some people say they enter them immediately at Amazon to save up all year long for Christmas, etc.  I have not done this.  I kind of like to use them one or two at a time.  I like to pay a little bit for a lot of things, compared with a couple things for free.
So, how is your searching going?!

Update: The SwagBuck points system has changed since I first posted this.  One SwagBuck on the old system now equals ten SwagBucks on the new system.  So, new sign-ups now earn 30 SwagBucks.  It takes 450 SwagBucks to earn an Amazon gift card, etc.


    the1stkatlife said...

    every time I "win" swagbucks, by the time I type in the confirmation code, I find out that I took too long and I've never actually gotten any by searching! I'm going to have to pay better attention!

    Katie said...

    Thanks for the info, Steph! I downloaded my toolbar, and have been using it for everything. I'm up to almost 150 Swag Bucks!!