Feb 6, 2010

Surveys: My Favorite Company

I will try to share some of the companies I have found that I enjoy receiving surveys from.

Today, I wanted to mention Opinion Outpost.  This is my favorite survey company at the moment.

I have not received any interactive surveys (meaning online simultaneously with a large group of people), studys or product testing from them.  However, they are pretty consistent with the amount of surveys they send, and they pay a fair rate.  They also provide payment via instant Amazon giftcard codes. 

The pay structure is very simple (compared with some companies)  50 points = $5  You can cash out after you reach 50 points or more.  You can request payment via check (4-8 weeks for processing and delivery) or Amazon giftcard, in which case you receive the code instantly.  I have mentioned my inclination towards Amazon cards previously.  I feel like if I get cash for surveys, it just goes to pay the rent--poof!  But, if I use it on Amazon, I can get things we need inexpensively, and feel like I am getting some great bargains.

The amount I have earned per survey has ranged from 8 points to 44 points, with the average generally being 20 points per 20 minute survey.  (That would be about $2 for 20 min, not bad!)

You can sign up with Opinion Outpost through this referral link.

I think, with surveys, it is important to be as open to everything as possible.  When listing hobbies, etc., the more boxes you can check, the better.  Just keep that in mind.  For example, perhaps you aren't a fanatic about college basketball, but you sit through a game or too with the husband--check it! 

Let me know about your experiences with survey companies, and if there are any you enjoy working with!

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