Feb 3, 2010

JumpStart and Reader Rabbit games Cheap!

Costco is currently offering a Jumpstart 3D Preschool and Kindergarten CD-Rom Free after a $17.99 rebate! Shipping is included, but there are taxes and maybe a small non-member fee. Be sure to read fine print and rebate directions.

Personally, I won't be ordering this one, however I wanted to share the deal. There has been a lot of feedback that this particular game is connected with JumpStart's online subscription game play. Perhaps up to 70% of the activities can only be completed with a paid monthly subscription. I think it would be frustrating for my kids to only get to a certain level and then be unable to finish. (I know I get frustrated with the demo games on my computer and cell phone!)

However, if you are looking for a good price on JumpStart or Reader Rabbit games, I recommend PlanetCDRom. They have a lot of software that is "free" plus shipping. Shipping and handling is around $6 per item. Some of the software does have a price, so could be more like $12 or so with shipping. There are tons of software that are great for home-learning! Last week I just ordered this for me (husband and I are playing with designing a house) and this for my 6 year old, so she can learn to type! They aren't free, but still a good value, in my opinion.

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