Aug 9, 2010

SwagBucks Back-to-School Fun! Earn 70 pts for Signing Up!

This week SwagBucks is having a Back-to-School bonanza.  When you sign-up for SwagBucks, just enter code BackToSchool and you will earn an additional 40 SB, starting you out with a total of 70 SBs!  You can get a $5 Amazon gift card for just 450 SB!

There will also be five Back-to-School themed SwagBills in various amounts.  If you collect all five throughout the week, you earn a 50 SB bonus!

On Thursday there will be a SB Code Extravaganza, with at least 5 codes released throughout the day.

SwagBucks may also have special Facebook promos going, so you might want to "Like" them.

BTW: I found a video for 6 SB on the Gambit wall in Special Offers.  It was on the 2nd page. 


Regina Bennett said...

what's a swag bill?

Stephanie said...

When you win SwagBucks by searching, it is that little picture that comes up that looks similar to a dollar bill. There will be five different new designs this week.