Aug 7, 2010

SwagBucks Triple Play

SwagBucks has a new promotion going.  Until midnight on Sunday (maybe even 2 am CST?  Don't quote me on that), earn 30 SB searching, 30 SB doing surveys, and 30 SB from Special Offers, and receive a Bonus 33 SB!!

I realize this is really a shot in the dark, but for you more competitive people, let's see what happens! 

I already don't have any surveys I qualify for today, so it will all be up to tomorrow.  I have earned 10 SB searching so far this morning.  That shouldn't be any problem.  As for Special Offers, I just completed the offer for SmarterQuotes found on the gWallet page.  It offers 41 SB.  You have to sign up and then confirm by email.  This is guaranteed spam, but I used a little used email account.  I received the SBs in just a couple minutes!!

If you are new to SwagBucks, you can sign-up HERE and get right into the Triple Play action!  Let me know if I can be of assistance.  Check out all my previous SwagBuck posts (listed on the right) to get tips and hints for winning more.

Adding:  I filled out some of my profile surveys.  Don't know if those points qualify towards the 30 SBs, but it doesn't hurt to try!

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