Aug 3, 2010

SwagBucks Special Offers

I had many more videos on the gWallet page in Special Offers today.  I have been checking for them everyday, as an easy way to get more SwagBucks.

Another super easy offer is on the SuperRewards page.  I had an offer to visit the Chili's page.  Just by visiting the site you earn 18 SBs--you don't have to sign up for their email list.  I was unable to receive points from SuperRewards when I used Firefox.  I switched to IE and finally received them.  There was also an offer for 2 SB to watch a short video from Jamba Juice

Looking for these quick and easy Special Offers has really helped me earn more SBs.  If you haven't signed up for SwagBucks yet, I highly recommend it!  A no-strings-attached way to earn money/giftcards/etc.

I also completed my first survey today.  I had been unable to access the surveys in Firefox.  I guess I need to switch back over to IE.

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