Apr 5, 2010

Curious about Cloth Pads? Get a Free Sample!

Party in My Pants is giving away a free cloth pad to anyone interested in trying cloth.  They have a list of requirements, such as being new to cloth or still looking for a good brand.  You do have to pay $2.99 for shipping.  Read through all the fine print.

This is for a free liner--as in pantyliner, for light days. You can choose from three sizes: Mini, Demi or Luxe.  And you can choose from either Cotton or Flannel. These are made with a breathable nylon layer sewn in.

Open your minds on this one ladies!  Women who use cloth pads report lighter, shorter periods with less or no cramping!

Thanks Emily!

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Lisa Medley said...

I signed up two weeks ago for this when I saw the little flyer in Whole Foods! I had already bought a Glad Rag to try and then decided I could make my own! So I bought some flannel and have been experimenting. I can't find the right snaps yet so have been using a safety pin and I can't keep the flannel from raveling so have sewn the CRAP out of the edges of the next set ( I don't have a serger machine) I'll know next week how they work, ha! :)