Apr 15, 2010

CVS: Shopping Idea

Anyone else shopping at CVS lately?  The last two weeks have been pretty great with the $1 off CRTs that have been printing every day.  Below is a quick description of what I was able to do with some of these store coupons.  The scenario is based on the promo running for P&G products -- Buy $25 and receive $10 ECB (includes Puffs, Charmin, Bounty and Duracell). Let me know if you have any questions about any of it.  What have you been able to find at CVS or Walgreens lately?

So here is what I did yesterday.  It is very YMMV.  I read how some people were able to use the $1 off skin care CRT on other brands (because it states $1 off CVS Skin Care Purchase-- rather than "$1 off CVS Brand" like most CRTs).  I used it on the Dial deal.  So then yesterday I thought--HEY!  Why not on the Puffs with lotion?  So I went and asked my cashiers.  They were really sweet, although a little skeptical, but said they would try it. 

I bought 6 boxes of Puffs with lotion.  I used my VocalPoint q's: $1/1 and 5 for $.50/1.  I then gave her 2 $1 off skincare CRTs.  Went through great!  I then had another great idea and said--Hold on and let me get some TP too!   She let me grab one of the packs of Charmin (that qualify for PG ECBs).  I gave her four more CRTs (to use one for each box of Puffs), which created overage to go toward the TP.  I then used some ECBs and only paid $1.XX for all of it.  Best part-- on my receipt it shows $8 more till I get the $10ECB reward!

So today, I went, scanned my card and got my daily 2 CRTs.  I took it and another skincare CRT I had left and bought 2 more boxes of Puffs.  They were free and now my receipt says $6 until ECB reward!!!   I will probably buy some batteries to finish it off, just have to get a hold of a $2 off coupon.

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