Apr 7, 2010

Feelin Some CVS Love

Up until lately, I have not lived close enough to a CVS to really get a roll on the system.  Well, now that I am less than 5 minutes from both CVS and Walgreens, I will say with just a hint of embarrassment, that I have been there almost every day--at least the last week or two.

If you aren't too familiar with CVS, it uses a card to keep track of your rewards and purchases.  There is a scanner/coupon machine in most stores that allows you to scan your card once a day and spits out CVS coupons.  They can be different for every person, but everyone gets the last two coupons (or often the only two--I rarely get any others) of the day.  This week they have been $1 off any CVS paper product AND $1 off any CVS skincare product.  Since both of these coupons can get you free items, I am trying to scan my card everyday.

Here are some ideas to maximize these CRT coupons.  Paper product can be anything: single TP roll, single paper towel roll, notebook paper, tissues, etc.  Skincare:  there is a cocoa butter tube for $.99, or look for lip balm, trial size lotion, etc.   Single rolls of TP will be 2/$1 next week!  That's what I am saving for.  Either 2 rolls for each of my coupon, or overage!!! (not sure yet if it will work for overage--plus I can always use more TP)

CVS has also been really good about sending out $5 off $25 coupons lately (register your card online and sign up for emails).  I have been using these CRTs that get me free stuff to help reach my total.  The $5 off, if given first, is before all other coupons.  Sweet!  Last week I was able to get tons of shampoo, cereal, gallon of milk, etc. and paid $1.44.  Got back a $3 ECB! (ECBs are like register rewards)   This happened because of the $5 off coupon and all the CRT coupons I had been saving up.  Another tip:  I have been told that some CVS stores are willing to take the CRT coupons at least a week past the expiration--so if it's a good one, give it a shot!

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