Apr 28, 2010

Lots of Printable Organic Coupons!

Earth Fare has a whole list of printable coupons for natural and organic items on its website currently.
Some are store coupons and some are manufacturer's coupons.  Those that are manu. q's can be used anywhere.  Most have an expiration date of sometime in July.

So, how to tell if it is store or manu?  Anything that is the Earth Fare brand is obviously a store coupon.  For the rest, you can choose all the coupons you would like.  Btw, you can print as many as you want, so definitely print all you might use between now and July.

After you select your coupons and hit print, it will open two more windows.  The one on top is your printer box.  If you close that, you will then be able to scroll through the list of actual coupons and look them over.  If it is a manu q, it will say "manufaturer's coupon" straight across the top of the q.  Also, store coupons have short numbered barcodes with something like "PLU 8111111".   The Newman's Own is a store coupon (whaaa).

So, if you see a lot of coupons in your list that you don't want to print, just close that box and refresh the Earth Fare coupon page and select the ones you want.  Then choose to print and go from there.  Each coupon prints on one page, so save paper by flipping your paper over and printing on the bottom too--just don't overlap your q's!

When they print, there is a header that says redeemable only at Earth Fare.  Up to you, as they are manufacturer's coupons and so technically can be used anywhere accepted.  And, that part is cut off when you cut out the coupon.  I interpret it Earth Fare using the coupons to entice your business--however, the coupon is not designed to only be used at one store.   Much like the manu. q's that have Target or Schnucks logo on them, etc.

And one last nugget of info--  My CVS has KIND bars on clearance, so I am going to take that q over and scoop up a bunch!

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