Apr 15, 2010

New Natural Food List Available for Download

The Natural Food Connection has just released a new edition of The Natural Food List.
You can download it HERE.  They also share coupons, deals and offers daily on their website or Facebook page.

The first few pages of the guide provide coupon codes or other deals on natural living items. 

Starting on page 10 is an in-depth guide to avoiding GMOs when buying food.

I found it a very interesting guide.  A couple points I was not aware of are:

--There is no GM (genetically modified) popcorn sold in the US, as well as no GM blue or white corn.

--Also, very few fruit and vegetables in the US are genetically modified, with the exception of papaya.

1 comment:

Lisa Medley said...

Very interesting! I'm going to download it now! I'm in the SAVINGS mode right now, so keep those coupons coming!