May 4, 2010

How to Get a Great Deal on Shoes!

So I finally did it.  I ordered a pair of Chacos.  Orig. $75, paid $53 (with hopefully another 10% cashback coming my way)

Here is what I did, and you could do the same on any other pair of shoes. has an offer for 20% off any purchase.  Expires May 9.

When you check out, if you register for a new account, you will receive an additional 10% off your first purchase.

AND, if you go through Ebates, you get another 10% cashback!  Now, I rarely bank on cashback, as it can be so finicky.  But, it is worth a try, and should work!   First go to shoebuy through the link above.  Pick what you want, and you should see it in your cart with the 20% off.  Close the window then go to ebates and select   You should still have the items in your cart along with the discount. 


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