Jul 1, 2009

Grocery Highlights: Week 7/1--Updated

Price Cutter

Wow! PC is running some great deals this week. LINK to ad.

Here is what I noted as good deals:

First off, there is a coupon in the ad for a $10 mail-in rebate off $10+ purchase of steak or seafood!!! You need to get the form at the Service Desk.

Creekstone Farms Beef Top Sirloin is $4.99/lb (I'll prob. get as close to 2 lbs. as possible)

Kraft Dressing $1.57, Use $1.50 or $1 off q's

Pace Picante 10/$10 use This is for the little jars, and the q's don't work =(

Borden Specialty Sliced Cheese (DH loves pepperjack) $1.79, use $1/1 q

Brown Sugar 2/$3 (there is a $.65/2 q on smartsource.com right now--Found $.30/1 insert q--doubles))

Smart Chicken, whole fryers $1.69/lb

Sargento Cheese Slice 2/$5, use $.40/1 q = $1.70ea

Farmland Bacon 2/$5 use Farmland q's (could be little as $1.50ea) Includes All Natural style (you just get 12 oz, instead of 16 oz pkg) This is a stock-up price.

Johnsonville Brats, Franks and Sausage are 2/$6 lots of q's, inc. for Turkey Sausage, etc.

Grande Tortilla Chips are 2/3.50 A few had $2 off Beef when you buy 2 peelies on them. I also used a $1/1 q. I'm not sure it should have worked, but the cashier pushed it through. Even without that, it would be $.75 each.


I'm hoping there are some unadvertised deals. This week's ad is a mirror of last week's. Still running the Daytona Promo.

The biggest deal in the ad for me was Sara Lee Buns $1.38, if you have the $1/1 q, good buy!! This is for white only--wheat buns are $1.99, so $.99 after q.

I found quite a few fantastic deals tonight.

Santa Cruz Lemonade on sale again 3/$5. Use Go Organic! q's for $.75/1 (makes it $1 off) and get them for $.67 each.

Lots of clearance at store on St. Louis. Emergen-C $4.89 (use $1/1 q), Rainbow Light Men's vitamins $4.99, etc.

I ran into quite a few manager specials, too.

Here is what I ended up with:

At Price Cutter I spent $26.50 (will get $10 MIR back)
6 pkgs All Natural (nitrite-free) bacon, 2 bags tortilla chips, , Sargento and Borden cheeses, 2 Creekstone Farm Natural Steaks, brown sugar, and 3 containers of organic strawberries (all 3 for $1--they are jam berries**wink**)

At Dillons I spent $29.72
Cascadian Farms froz. Broccoli (manager's special), 9 bottles Santa Cruz lemonade, organic milk, organic butter,
organic salad mix (manager's special and used q--total $.49!), Lays and Sunny D to donate, 2 boxes Emergen-C, 2 boxes Shiff Move Free (got them free!!), luna bar and think bar, 2 organic pears, bananas, Luzianne tea, bottle Kraft bbq sauce (free).

Let me know what you find!

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