Jul 9, 2009

Guest Post: Local Ad Comparisons

Regina has graciously decided to share her local ad comparison with us.
She compares local ads and lists the best prices for each store. This list was compiled from Wed. 7/8 ads.

A little about my shopping habits: I mostly buy produce. Since I make most of my own foods (like bread, pancakes, side dishes), buy locally as much as is reasonable, and avoid dangerous ingredients (like aspartame, MSG, artificial color, hydrogenated oils), most things at the grocery store are ruled out. But I'm adding some things to the following list that are good buys, even if I may not purchase it myself (like cereal!) I shop for produce using Dr. Weil's rule, choosing what is available in this order: Fresh Organic Produce, Fresh Local Produce, Fresh store produce, Frozen Organic produce, Frozen conventional produce, canned or bottled or juiced produce last.
Below are the lowest advertised prices for sale items.

To use this list:
1. take it to each store listed, the lowest priced item is listed under it's store
2. take it to Wal-Mart, buy what is listed and tell them to ad match at the register (note that WalMart does not carry all brands, such as Best Choice or Always Save)

Harter House in Strafford
Farmland Bacon 2/$5 (limit 4)
Bing Cherries 1.99/lb
blueberries $2/pint
mangoes 50 cents each
any peaches $1.29/lb
limes 10 cents each
black grapes 1.69/lb
any plums $0.99/lb
Gala apples $0.99/lb
seedless watermelon 3.99 each

MaltOMeal brand cold cereals 1.99 each, plus there's a q for buy2/get 1 free in the ad
GM cereals (cinnamon toast, cocoa puffs, honey-nut cherrios, cookie crisp) 1.99 each (limit 5)

Summer Fresh
Athena cantaloupe 2/$3 (limit 2)
Best Choice 8 oz chunk cheese $1.25
vidalia onions 79 cents/lb
apricots 2.99/lb

Price Cutter
red grapes 2 lbs/$4
blueberries 1.99/pint
(blackberries are 1.99 for 6 oz, but are 3.48 for 12 oz at Sam's Club)

Ranier cherries 2.99/lb The Northwest Sweet Red Cherries are 1.99/lb-- Although the Rainier's are supposed to be sweeter, etc., right?
chicken leg quarters, 10 lb bag, 55 cents/lb (5.50/bag)
Farmland roll or link sausage 2/$3
green grapes 1.77/lb
strawberries 1.88/lb

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