Jul 23, 2009

Guest Post: Local Ad Match

Regina has put together an ad match for us again. Thanks R!

I haven't done Walgreens or Target yet...)

A little about my shopping habits: I mostly buy produce. Since I make most of my own foods (like bread, pancakes, side dishes), buy locally as much as is reasonable, and avoid dangerous ingredients (like aspartame, MSG, artificial color, hydrogenated oils), most things at the grocery store are ruled out. But I'm adding some things to the following list that are good buys, even if I may not purchase it myself. I shop for produce using Dr. Weil's rule, choosing what is available in this order: Fresh Organic Produce, Fresh Local Produce, Fresh store produce, Frozen Organic produce, Frozen conventional produce, canned or bottled or juiced produce last.
Below are the lowest advertised prices for sale items.

To use this list:
1. take it to each store listed, the lowest priced item is listed under its store
2. take it to Wal-Mart, buy what is listed and tell them to ad match at the register (note that WalMart does not carry all brands, such as Best Choice or Always Save)

Harter House in Strafford

red peppers 69 cents each
bananas .39/lb
peaches .89/lb (they are .79/lb at the Discount Grocery on the Marshfield square)
black plums .89/lb
blueberries $2/ pint
honeydew $2 each
apricots 1.99/lb
Hiland Butter 1.79 /lb
family pack split chicken breast .99/lb (limit 3)
boneless skinless chicken breast 1.89/lb (limit 4)
family pack chicken drums or thighs .99/lb
Farmland roll or link sausage 3/$5
Best Choice American cheese slices $1.19 (limit 3)
Pillsbury brownies 19 oz .89each (limit 5)

Summer Fresh
red or green grapes .87/lb
Heirloom peaches 1.59/lb
athena cantaloupe 1.99 each
apricots 1.99/lb
Back to School sale beats Wal-Mart
24 Crayola crayons .20 each
4oz Elmer's glue .20 each
70 sheets filler paper .50 each
Liquid paper correct fluid .50 each

Price Cutter
red or green grapes .87/lb
lettuce (green, red, or romaine) .99 each
cucumbers .50 each
family pack ground round $1.69/lb
Best Choice apple juice .99 each

bing cherries 2.29/lb
rainier cherries 3.99/lb
organic salads $3
cantaloupe 1.67 each
strawberries 1.88/lb
Philadelphia cream cheese .89 each
Crest tpaste 6.4 oz $1 (use a coupon!)
Skintimate or Edge shave gel $2
Luna, Clif, or Mojo bars $1 each (I don't eat these because of soy, but a lot of people have coupons for them)
Dillons is continuing the Mega Sale event this week. Buy 10 participating items and receive $5 off your total. Lots of items included.

Sam’s club alert:
Sam’s club has Bing Cherries for 1.96/lb and rainier cherries for 2.94/lb
Also, they are currently stocking organic blackberries and organic raspberries, selling for less than the conventional berries at the grocery store.

glue sticks 2 pack, .25 each
spiral notebook .15 each
12 colored pencils $1 each
Sterilite plastic 3-Drawer Medium cart $9
Sterilite plastic 3-Drawer Wide cart $15
Sterilite 18 gallon tote $3.50

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