Jul 10, 2009

SmartSubs.com-- Good way to buy cheap?

I found a website called SmartSubs.com that offers products deeply discounted, if you will agree to sign-up for free trial offers.

What led to this discovery was my hunt for a bargain on coconut oil. SmartSubs has Garden of Life EV Coconut Oil 16 oz. for $4.94 That's a great price! The catch is that you will be signed up for a free 14-day trial to a Savings Club. You can cancel at any time. Also, there are no shipping or tax fees! You can only sign up once for each offer, so, if you wanted to get the Chia Seeds 16 oz. that are only 5.94, you could not get them at the same time because they both have the same offer attached. I have heard you can order them separately though, using different email addresses. (I may try this after I see how the first order goes)

So, I am trying this out! I ordered the coconut oil. After I get my enrollment info, I will cancel. I'll let you know how it all goes. I did read reviews on the site and they (of course) are mixed.

Oh, and BTW, if you happen to find something more expensive you might try the code 5OFF50 to save $5 off $50, or MYSUBS (this one may be expired).

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Regina Bennett said...

You rock! Tell us how it goes...I think I'll get some coconut oil from them. I fainted in disbelief last night when I went to pop popcorn and discovered that I was OUT of coconut oil! I have no idea how that happened!
I'm so glad that you are searching out low prices for me!