Jul 16, 2009

UPDATE on SmartSubs (and cheap coconut oil)

Well, so far so good! Check out the previous post on SmartSubs for links and info.

I ordered the Garden of Life coconut oil for $5.94. All shipping was free--shipped UPS. I ordered on the 10th. It was shipped the 15th and will be here on the 20th. My credit card has not yet been charged, so I will be keeping an eye on that.

Now for the free trial I was automatically signed up for. It actually sounded interesting, but I could not get signed in. After two emails requesting assistance, I just figured I better go ahead and cancel before I forget. I just called the toll-free number, told them to cancel, and it was done. I will also be watching out for any charges when the actual 14-day period is up.

But, if no weird charges show up, I think I will probably order again. Maybe have DH order with another email address--getting more coconut oil.

If I find something with a different offer, I can go ahead with that one with same info I just used.
For example, there are tons of Melissa and Doug toys, etc. that provides a free trial to Clever Island--a kids learning site.

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