Jun 9, 2010

Deals on Cat Litter

Do you use Feline Pine, or if not, would you like to try it?  If so, you can get a free bag by filling out the rebate form found HERE.  You must include your receipt and UPC.  Offer ends on 6/30/10.

They also have a Pine Perks rewards program.  Clip the Pine Perks symbol off your empty bags and redeem for various prizes, including cash back.

If you like Feline Pine, you will LOVE Equine Fresh.  It is found at Farm & Home Supply Stores (like Buchheit!).  You can get a 40 lb. bag for a less than $6!  Feline Pine is like 7 lb for $8?  As far as I can tell, it is the same product.  The pellets may be a little bigger (I haven't opened my bag yet).  If you happen to have horses, using the pine bedding results in fantastic compost, so I have heard!

Now, if you prefer a conventional (and less eco-friendly) cat litter, I have heard that Walmart sells a 10 lb bag of Tidy Cats for $1.77   Use the $1 off any size coupon found HERE to get it for $.77

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