Jun 15, 2010

Let's Talk Surveys...

Do you have any favorite survey companies or rewards programs?

Here is what I have been doing with mine lately:

Swagbucks (they did just set up surveys, along with earning SwagBucks for searching, but I haven't done any yet).  I always get Amazon gift cards with my SBs.  It seems to be the best deal by far.  I can get a $5 Amazon gc for 450 SBs, whereas $5 Paypal is 700 SBs!  There are tons of other options though (like a $25 Restaurant.com gc for only 400 SB--we just never have any of those restaurants around).  This one also gives points for referring others to SwagBucks.  You earn matching points with your referrals (up to so much).  (BTW, a handy bit of info I learned is that SB pays out Amazon gift cards on the 1st and 17th of each month.  So if you request a payout on the 2nd, you won't get it until the 17th)

Opinion Outpost,  This is a great survey company.  You can either get Amazon gc codes immediately online, or ask for a check by mail.  Of course, I go for the Amazon gc.  When I find something I want to get, I can get my codes asap.  You could save up all your points and really make a great dent in Christmas shopping, too!  I just like to shave a little off every order, though.  You can also earn points through referring others.

Lightspeed   Survey company.  You can redeem for gift cards or other prizes, with lots of choices, and the rate is the same-- 550 points for a $5 card (whether to Amazon, Applebees, etc.)  I have been saving up to cash out for $10 cards to CVS.  That way, when I do deals at CVS I can pretty much eliminate any out of pocket expense.

E-rewards   This survey company has been noted to have very few rewards available.  However, after having been with them over a year, and saving up towards Hilton points, they just added Target gift cards.  Takes a long time to earn one, but it is a very practical payout!  I just cashed in for a $25 Target card.

Toluna   This survey company can be a bit tricky to find surveys you qualify for and that pay well.  However, when they do pay well, they pay very well.  I have cashed out to Paypal twice now for $20 each time.  They offer online product disscussion forums, etc., but they can be hard to find.  Great when they come up though!

Pinecone Research   I don't have a link for them, as they put up a banner in random places only occasionally and you have to click through it to apply.  You can apply directly through their website, but they aren't always hiring.  They pay $3 Paypal everytime you complete a survey (excellent rate!).  They also offer product testing every so often.

So what have you been doing?

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