Jun 28, 2010

More Tips on Winning SwagBucks

I've been having a lot of conversations about SwagBucks lately.  I am probably wearing out all my friends on Facebook, with all the SwagBucks I earn, codes I find, and gift cards I cash out for.  =)   That brings me to my first tip--set up your account so that it posts on your FB page every time you win.  People start to get the idea that it's not that difficult to come by those coveted SwagBucks.

I have mentioned before that Amazon gift codes are issued on the 1st and 17th of each month.  I try to make it a goal to earn at least 450 SBs (the price of a $5 Amazon gift code) before each of those dates (cashing out asap).  Let's say I have 445 SBs on the 16th of the month.  Well, I use that as an encouragement to try to find a few more SBs.  That might mean some extra searching, or doing a Special Offer.  The easiest, guaranteed SB to win is by viewing the No Obligation Offers (found on top right of Special Offers page).  Just go down each page, click "Skip", until you reach the last page.  You will have then earned 1 (sometimes 2 or even 3) SwagBucks!  You can do this once every day.  If you have downloaded the Toolbar, (which makes it more convenient to search) you earn a SB or two every day when you log on.

Other Special Offers I have completed include getting an auto insurance quote, a home owner's insurance quote (we were actually looking for a new company and I went with one I found using SwagBucks!), signing up for an online gaming community, requesting info on a medical condition, etc.  Now, I will warn you that sometimes these offers can be VERY finicky.  I have signed up for a couple and never received the SBs.  Plus, don't give your primary email account!  Give one set up just for spam (because you will get some!)  This may or may not appeal to you, but I don't mind a little bit of hassle to earn 300 SBs in just a couple minutes.  They just recently added the ability to complete surveys to earn SBs, but I haven't gotten around to taking any yet.

Typically, a person might win SBs about 3 or 4 times a day.  You can search for SBs on any computer. You just have to log-in.  It usually seems that after I have won SBs several times on my Desktop, once I start searching on my laptop I start winning again.  You can even have others search for you.  You might have your hubbie/mom/etc. log-in and search, earning you SBs.

Don't forget that Fridays are MegaSwag days.  The amount of SBs you can win increases.  It's might be worth it to make a point of using SwagBucks on these days.

Of course letting other people know about SwagBucks is a great way to earn.  You earn matching SwagBucks with each referral, up to 1,000 SBs per referral (but only those earned by searching--not sign-up bonus, using codes, special offers, etc.).

If you are new to SwagBucks, feel free to check out these posts I have written previously:  Let's Talk Surveys (I mention ways to spend your SwagBucks)  and How to Win More SwagBucks

If you haven't signed up yet for SwagBucks, you can go HERE to get started.  You will earn 30 SwagBucks just for doing so!

Do you have any great tips for winning SwagBucks?


Lisa Medley said...

oooohhh that helped! Thanks!

Katie said...

Thanks for the tips!!