Jun 8, 2010

Eco-Baby Buys: CitizenPip SS Water Bottle & Insulated Food Jar Combo

Today is the second installment of the Citizen Pip sale at Eco-Baby Buys.

Buy a stainless steel water bottle and stainless steel insulated food jar for only $13.20 for both!!

Shipping is around $5, which makes the total about $9 each.

Or if you buy two sets, shipping is $7.50, making each item about $8.50 each.

The water bottles will fit the lunch bags perfectly, and can be used to keep food cold, when filled with icy water.  The food jars will be great to bring yummy homemade soups to school/work.  I have been trying to hunt some of these down, but didn't want Barbie or Spiderman, etc. on them.  These are a great price, too!

If you decide to order, I would love the referral.  Just let me know and I can email them your email address, or you can send them mine: jskelp27 at gmail dot com

Now I guess I just need to make some cute cloth napkins and we'll be set!

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