Jun 9, 2010

Up to 70% Off Sale Items at SERRV

SERRV is an organization that works with thousands of small-scale artisans and farmers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and other developing regions of the world by marketing their handcrafts and agricultural products. Through our work with 75 community-based organizations in 36 countries, we create economic opportunity so these producers can support their families.

In addition to purchasing and marketing products, we work with producers to assist them in becoming economically self sufficient through product design, training, information, technical assistance and market access. 

You can find the long list of Sale items available HERE.  There are items made all over the world, both functional and decorative.  The list is a bit cumbersome to search, but there are lots of fantastic items to choose from.  Shipping is based on amount of your order and starts at $6.95  It is interesting to note that items that are on clearance have all ready been paid for to the artisan--so he/she will not lose any compensation from the discounted prices.

There are some great pieces in the Jewelry section.  I like this Lapis necklace.  Or this kit of handmade glass beads with everything you need to make your 2 necklaces--only $4! (those would be great gifts!)  And I love baskets!  I have been wanting something like THIS and/or THIS.

You can search the Spring/Summer catalog online.  It's an easier way to flip through and see the beautiful items available.  You can also request a print catalog.

I have ordered from SERRV in the past.  I have some absolutely gorgeous Christmas ornaments that I ordered from their catalog.  It is such a great way to acquire unique, handmade, cultural items that will benefit directly the person who created it.  I love how they tell where each item is made.

There are so many amazing items, please let me know what treasures you discover!

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