Jul 26, 2010

Big Mark Down on KidKraft Toys

AllChildren'sFurniture.com has KidKraft Toys marked down 40% off.  Shipping is free for orders over $69.

I always love to hear what great deals you score!

Looks like there is also bing cashback.


Amber said...

I just bought a KidKraft Ride Around Train Set with Table for $112.95 with Free Shipping! Luke's birthday is coming up, and we'd already planned to get him one of these. The last time I was at Toys R Us, they were $199. On ToysRUs.com they are $160! Great deal! Thanks for the tip!

Stephanie said...

Cool! We got Z one, but after L got active, we have put it away for awhile. Z would get so frustrated when his lil bro came in like a bulldozer and decimated everything! =)