Jul 19, 2010

EcoBabyBuys: Inspired By Finn

Today's deal on EcoBabyBuys is from Inspired by Finn.

Choose from three different colors of amber necklaces: dark amber, light amber, or multi-color.  Choose from 12-12.5 in or 13-13.5 in.  These have a great reputation for relieving/preventing pain.  Great for use on little ones who are teething.  You can read more information about amber necklaces HERE.  Each necklace is $13.25, which is 45% off the retail price.  First-class shipping is $2.92 for one.  However, if you buy more than one, first-class is no longer available.  So, it seems if you wanted more than one, the cheapest way to order would be to buy them one at a time using first-class shipping.

If you feel like it, I would love to refer you for this deal.  You can just make not of my email address as a referral when you check out, or even easier, let me know you ordered and give my your email address.  Mine is jskelp27 at gmail dot com.

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