Jul 21, 2010

SwagBuck Special Offers

Wanna win more SwagBucks?

Every day you can earn 1 SB by voting on the Daily Poll (click on Ways to Earn, and then Daily Polls).  You can earn 1 SB every day for clicking through the No Obligation Special Offers.  And if you have the toolbar downloaded, you earn 1 SB every day.

A few Special Offers I found today that are worth noting:

Under gWallet,  you can earn 10 SB for printing a coupon to Quiznos.  (I am still waiting for these SBs, just an fyi.)  You can earn 3 SB for watching the Kia Soul music video (the hamsters--my kids love it).  BTW, this video disappears after you watch it.  So, if it shows up again the next day, you should be able to watch it again and earn the SB.  I think I have watched it 3 times now.

You can scroll through Special Offers from the Home Page, also.  There is a scroll bar that highlights some of the offers available.  I found an offer to watch a Dentyne video and earn 1 SB.  I will warn you-- it is 4 1/2 min. long!!  It is funny, though.

I also did the Coca-Cola Facebook App. offer for 9 SB.  Got them instantly.

If you haven't signed up for SwagBucks yet, I highly recommend it!!  You earn SB just for searching the internet, although you can earn more by doing Special Offers or referring friends.  You can cash in your SB for a variety of rewards, but my favorite is the $5 Amazon gift card. I have earned $95 in Amazon gift cards since starting with SwagBucks--and I am just doing something I would anyway-search the internet!

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