Jul 30, 2010

Restaurant.com $25 GC for $2, Plus earn SwagBucks!

You can currently get a $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate for only $2 by using the code PLATE at checkout.  Offer expires July 31.  Please read all Restaurant.com fine print before purchasing.  Usually there is a $35 or $50 minimum purchase required, etc. 

Also, today on my SwagBucks scroller bar (found on the home page), I saw an offer for Restaurant.com.   If you have that offer and click through that link, and you can earn 54 SBs for purchasing a voucher.   If you haven't yet, sign up for SwagBucks today, and join me in earning Amazon gift cards (or anything else you like) by just searching the internet (or earn more by doing offers like the one I mentioned, finding codes, etc.  LOTS of ways to earn.)


Amber said...

Have you ever received or redeemed gift cards from Restaurant.com? Just wondering how they work.

Stephanie said...

I haven't used any before. We haven't lived anywhere that had participating restaurants recently. I know a lot of people who do use them. I think it is a matter of making sure you understand all the fine print. Some people assume that buying a $25 gc for $2 means they will get a $25 meal for that $2. That isn't the case. There is always a minimum order. I wouldn't hesitate to use a gift cert. if I had somewhere I knew I wanted to eat and knew the requirements. Did you receive your free gift certificate?