Mar 26, 2009

5th Ed. of the Dirty Dozen List from EWG

Environmental Working Group has published the 5th Edition of the Shopper's Guide to Pesticides.

Go here to download the wallet-sized printable list of Dirty Dozen and Clean 15. I carry a copy in my purse.

Here is the full list of how 47 fruits and vegetables rank in levels of pesticides.

I really like the Clean 15 list. I have shopped using the Dirty Dozen for awhile. I use the Clean 15 to tell me what I can relax on. That's where I can save a little $$ to spend on the items that really should be organic. It often seems that the cleaner fruits and vegs are more readily available as organic. (just my opnion) Like broccoli and onions. So, use the two lists together and you will eat better and save a little money.

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