Mar 28, 2009

Walgreens: New Month, New Week

If you would like to see the sale match-ups for Walgreens for week of 3/29, GO HERE.

There are a few things this week that I will probably pick up. The Chapsticks Naturals are free after RR. I will probably do that as many times as I can. If nothing else, I think they would make nice gifts or even stocking stuffers. (Just remember you cannot use a RR from a chapsticks deal to buy another chapstick, or the next RR won't print).

I think there may be another RR deal with Colgate Total, toothpaste is next week. so you could roll those back and forth between toothpaste and chapstick. Or between the shave gel below.

The Skintimate and Edge shave gels are also free after RR. I will probably try to get some of this for the guys in our ministry.

If you happened to print the Glade soy candle coupons that were online last week, they will be free this week with coupon and ESR. Also a nice gift.

I know I have at least one coupon I can use to get free foil. I hardly ever use it, but it will be nice to have it stocked up for free. Tip: I reuse the same piece over and over. Once it gets yucky, I wipe it off and recycle it, if it can be cleaned.

I may get some SoyJoy Bars, if I can find the coupon.

I will get the One-A-Day Drink mix that is FAR this month. I think you can use a $1/1 coupon to make it a moneymaker.

I also intend to do the Physician's Formula makeup rebate. I have the coupon (and extras if you need one). But, I think I will wait on this to see if it goes on sale, since it is a month long offer.

I do believe there is also an offer this month, that if you buy $15 worth of Burt's Bees products, you get a free Burt's Bees tote. This is silly, I know, but I want that tote! I recently wrote the company to tell them I didn't like their bubble bath. They said they would replace it. If they send me a coupon, I can use that towards the tote rebate. We shall see. BB's has a few items on clearance at Wags right now--lip shimmers, etc.

So, nothing earth shaking, but some freebies in there. My rule of thumb is, if it is free or a moneymaker, I will try to go for it. I use any overage to buy things I really need.

My next post will be about what I do with all the "extra" stuff. Oh, and BTW, if you see typos, it is because I am typing in the dark. It is Earth Hour!

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