Mar 26, 2009

Post #2, It's official--I have a blog!

So I wanted to start by flushing out my goals for this blog. I should say that I do believe that the more intimate a relationship we have with our food, the healthier it probably is. Meaning, perhaps the ideal is growing it oneself. Next would be buying directly from the farmer--whom you can ask what his methods have been. After that might be the local health food store, where you can find organic, and often local, fare. Perhaps last on the pyramid might be the chain store, who is able to buy organics and such in bulk, and thereby can offer greater sales. This last establishment is where I seem to find myself more frequently. If buying organics on a budget, it seems hard to beat Dillons double-coupon policy and many sales. I guess I just want to remind you, that while I might focus on what's on sale at the grocery store or drugstore, if you find a great deal with your local farmer or locally owned shop, go for it! I won't apologize for stretching my family's resources, but I also want to acknowledge that the heart of sustainability probably lies within our own backyards. However, here's the curve ball, if we buy organic and environmentally aware products from the big guys, we do send the message of the importance of such products.

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