Mar 25, 2009


Welcome to Save Green, Live Green.
My goal for this blog is to create a place to marry my current obsession with couponing and my desire to live a more sustainable life. By posting my money-saving, earth-sparing finds here, I can save the countless people I meet everyday who beg me to stop telling them how much I saved at Walgreens. This way, you can find your way here and be a willing participant in my quest to save a buck (or more!). Now I must say that this is my very first blog, so it is an adventure. And yes, the title is a wee bit corny, but it just seemed so obvious to me. I hope that within this blog you find something--whether that be direction, inspiration or just a good laugh. There will be compromise along the way, as it seems a necessary component of couponing. Just take what you can use, and enjoy.

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