Mar 26, 2009

Where to find those pesky Coupons?!

Of course your local newspapers-- for us, there is the Springfield NewsLeader. It does include coupons, but they are generally half the amount found in the Kansas City Star (also available in Springfield). We have gotten into the habit of going to town on Sundays so we can get the Star. On a side note, I tried to get the KC Star available in Marshfield, but they said it wasn't worth their while.

There are a ton of printables available on the internet. Check out Use the link in the top right corner to support this blog! These change frequently--usually about once a month. There are some fantastic deals that come through there.
Another place is

Tip: Always hit your back browser after printing, as most coupons will let you print at least twice. (some even have a print limit of 10 or more!)

Now for the organic coupon gold mines:

Mambo Sprouts

Health E-Savers


Melissa said...

Newsleader is free on Sundays will 8 gallons of gas thru April.

Melissa said... Kum and Go

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Thanks Melissa! I hope ours is doing it too! I might have to take both vehicles up there!