Jun 26, 2009

Amazon: Organic Grocery Sale

Amazon is claiming to have a 50% off or more sale. Some of the prices seem a little wild, though. (Like a box of 7th gen. tampons originally $85??) But, you might find something in the mix. A lot of it qualifies for free shipping after $25 or more.

I am very tempted by the Newman-O's or Fig Newman's, 12 pack at $2.40/pack. However, I know DH would finish off all 12 packs in.... oh, two weeks?

There is also 5 gallons of organic coconut oil at $160. That is about $.25/oz, if I did my math right. That's probably half the price of what you would pay for the biggest container through Frontier. I'm thinking coconut oil bath...

Do you see anything of interest?


Anonymous said...

i believe that the SEventh Generation organic tampons advertised referred to a CASE of tampons not one box.

Stephanie said...

I thought about that, but there is no info to indicate it is for a case. The shipping weight is 12 oz. The sale price is $6--which would be a steal for a case.