Jun 22, 2009

Price Cutter Notes

I mentioned that Melissa organic baby carrots were in this week's ad for $.99

I was at the store on Battlefield and they did not have Melissa's carrots. Instead, (as I expected) they put the sale sign on the Earthbound Farms carrots. However, they put the sale on the 1 lb. bag of whole carrots--which are always priced at $.99

Being the gutsy gal I am, I tracked down an employee (who happened to be the grocery manager). I explained that the sale was for baby carrots and asked if he would mark down the Earthbound Farms baby carrots (normally $1.99). He did not even hesitate and graciously marked them down for me. I then checked out using a coupon for $1/2. I paid $.50/bag for two bags of organic baby carrots!!

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