Jun 11, 2009

Best Price for Beco Butterfly 2

I was in the market for a Beco Butterfly 2. I am giving one to my sister for a baby shower gift.
I thought I would just pass on the deal I found, in case anyone else is shopping for a new one, also.

Let's Go Strolling
sells the Beco Butterfly 2, Ergos, Peanut Shells, and lots of strollers and other baby gear.

They have free shipping over $99

And, use LGS10 for $10 off purchases of $100 or more.

So, I got an Organic Duo Sand for only $129 total. (fabulous baby carrier, btw)

(Now you can always look for these used on thebabywearer.com, diaperswappers, ebay--be careful!, etc.

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