Jun 22, 2009

Nourishing Traditions

I have a big appreciation for the book "Nourishing Traditions" and the ideas within. (Interpret that as--I think it is cool and use ideas as I can work them in. I have some convenience issues I need to deal with)

I found a blog that shares recipes, etc. along this vein. I'll link to my all-time favorite recipe from her-- Making Chicken Stock in the Crockpot. Be sure to go to her homepage, too and see newer articles.

It seems so obvious, but for some reason I found the idea of making my own chicken stock to be daunting. I kind of felt it was silly to cook a soup to make a soup. Thus, I purchased canned broth so I would have it on hand when I needed it. (I still have some in my emergency stockpile)

Now, my goal is to roast a chicken (whole or a couple split breasts, etc.) maybe once a week or so. (I absolutely LOVE roast chicken) I then just throw the carcass in the crockpot. I also liked the idea of keeping my vegetable remains in the fridge (tops of carrots, onion peel, etc.) and making use of them. I follow the instructions given pretty similarly.

The end product is 2 jars of GORGEOUS chicken broth! It just exudes health, homemade-ness, and deliciousness! This could easily be done with beef, etc.

Seriously, if I can get around to doing this--it has to be pretty darn simple.

A group is forming in SWMO to discuss the Nourishing Traditions (Weston A. Price) teachings, recipes, resources, etc.

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