Jun 2, 2009

New E-Coupon Site:Bringing Hope to the Table

Visit Bringing Hope to the Table and sign-up with your Kroger/Dillons card. You can access coupons and load them onto your shopper's card (just like with cellfire and shortcuts).

This site is sponsored by Kroger. They are also pledging to donate 4 million dollars to food banks.

Keep in mind that your card can only hold 50 coupons (combined from all sites).


Lara said...

Love the blog- but I have a question about couponing (this might be another post instead of just a comment response). I read your blog and many others all of the time and I did the couponing thing very seriously for about 6 weeks, but it seemed like I was SPENDING so much more money than before. I wasn't making impulsive purchases and I was really getting good deals, but when I looked at my bank statements I about fell over when I realized how much I was still spending by going to Dillons, CVS, Walgreens and Wal-Mart every week. I just couldn't manage to keep it in balance. Now I've got at least a year's worth of personal products, which is great, but as I'm ready to do more grocery shopping, I'm nervous about going the coupon route again and overspending at the same time! Keep writing :) - Lara

Stephanie said...

I have heard this a couple times, and want to share my views on it, too. Hopefully I will find some time to write something up soon! In the meantime, only use the q's that will help with either something you already would have bought, something to replace what you would have bought (diff. brand, etc.), or something free. Try that for awhile. I love your comments!