Jun 3, 2009

Price Cutter & Dillons: Week 6/3

Ad Highlights:

Price Cutter

Honey Bunches of Oats 2/$3
Capri Sun $1.69 Use $1/1 coupons (I think I am going to save mine for Kmart Doubles)
Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread 2/$4 Use $1/1 in last week's paper = $1/loaf

Organic Arugula Salad $1.99
Organic Tomatoes on Vine $3.99/lb

Activia 2/$4 Various coupons out there inc. $1/2

MR (Midwest Reserve) Blk Angus Grd Chuck, Family Pack $1.79/lb
Fresh River Salmon, Alaskan wild caught, $12.99/lb

Kanimi Natural Imt. Crab Chunks $.99 (We bought several packs last time. I really liked it. It is made with pollack. It has no artificial dyes, etc. I will probably stock up. We like it in stirfrys, dip, etc.)

Smart Chicken, drumsticks or thighs, family pack $1.39/lb
Farmland, all-natural ham or turkey tubs 2/$5 (write Farmland and they send you a sheet of coupons)

This week's ad features an informative spread on how PC has an exclusive beef contract with Creekstone Farms. I have been buying CF's All Natural beef, but the prices went up. I do like that PC carries the regular "Midwestern Reserve" beef from Creekstone farm. If I can't afford the grass-fed, at least it is raised close to home and not from a huge beef-conglomerate. (And not in those disgusting packs like Walmart carries, which are injected with gas)

Update: Watch the pricing on the crab, it is not all ringing up at the correct price. They should just adjust it for you.

I found Kraft BBQ sauce clearanced for $.80 Use the $.75/1 insert q, or $1/1 IPs


Fresh Ground Chuck $1.58 (ground right in store. This is appealing, as the whole process of grinding the meat is what I am leery of. Read "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Scholsser for more info. I may ask more questions about their beef...)

Pepsi product 2-liters sale (I NEVER buy soda, but have some q's and need some for an upcoming shower, so I will mention it) Buy 4, get 2 free (at 4/$5)-- when you buy 6 it is $.84/ea I have 2 q's for Sierra Mist B1G1--if this sale applies, I'll get 6 for $2.50 PLUS! I found a rebate at Walgreen's yesterday. Buy 4 Pepsi 2-liters get a $5 rebate. I earn $2.50!

Tomatoes on Vine $.99/lb
Fresh Green Beans $.99/lb
Cantaloupe $1.77

Dannon yogurt, including Activia $1.99 There may be e-coupon plus manuf. q's
Sargento shredded cheese $1.99
Ken's Salad Dressing $1.66 (lots of $1/1 q's)

Lipton Tea 1-gal (inc. green tea) $2.99 there are $.50/1 hangtags on some, plus use bringinghope e-coupon for $.75 to get it for $1.25 (I may wait another week or 2 to see if it goes lower)

Farmland Bacon is B1G1, will scan at 50% off (or $2.65) Great price if it includes All Natural Bacon (Was told they don't have it--not sure if he really knew or not). Write Farmland for full sheet of coupons.

NP Organic Milk is still $2.99

Santa Cruz Lemonades are 3/$5 Use coupon for $.75/1 in Go Organic! coupon book = $.67 ea

Country Choice cookies, ginger snaps etc. $3.19 Use $1/1 in Go Org. bk

If you got the Shortcuts coupon for Naturally Preferred WW Pasta, the Penne is 2/$4 (can always buy 1 with these sales), so would be $1

They did have organic grapes. A bit expensive, but we have been craving some good grapes lately.

Newman's Own salad dressings $2.99 Use $.50/1 q from last wk. =$1.99 Not as cheap as free Kraft, but.... Hey!

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