May 10, 2009

Kraft Printable Coupons--Won't Last Long

I know this is for pretty conventional food, but you could find some great deals with some of these coupons. Go HERE to register with Kraft and then click on "Coupons" to access $50 in coupons. Just choose the ones you want and print. These have print limits and will not last long at all.

Some of these will pair up with Target coupons. Check out the Target Coupon Generator at Hot Coupon World, Organic Grocery Deals, or A Full Cup for match-ups. Links are in list on the right.
You can use one target cp and one manuf. cp per item.

UPDATE: These are also available on right now. Go to the link in the top right corner and print another set of them.
If you think there is one you will use, print it now, as they won't last long. The expiration date seems to be about one month out, so I try to think of what I will use (how good a deal I might find) and how many. For ex. I will use the $1 off Planters on the natural nuts, so I printed as many as I could. I also printed a few of the Kraft Cheese shreds, etc., as they are on sale at Dillon's this week for $1.66--that would make them $1.06. That is pretty cheap for cheese! So just think about how you might use these to stockpile. The Kraft Deluxe macnchz could be found for around $.50/box with cp, the Kraft BBQ coupon could get it free at Walmart right now, etc.

Common Sense with Money has typed out the list and mentioned any match-ups.

Did you print enough of these coupons yet? If not, there are reports that they have been resetting on Also, a large amount of grocery stores are also posting the coupons on their sites. Visit Common Sense with Money to see the list of stores.

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