May 15, 2009

WM Deals

I am not one to try to drum up business for Walmart. (Couldn't even bring myself to type the full name in the title) But, I know we are all trying to save money here and there, and I for one will shop there when a deal is too good to pass up. So, this post is for informational purposes, and I will leave it up to you if you want to go after it. ;)

Hip2Save has found some extremely good deals at Walmart, particularly using many of the Kraft coupons that were just posted. You can see her ongoing list HERE.

(Of course Breyers Ice Cream just went on sale dirt cheap there, right after I used up all my coupons stocking up at Dillons! Waah.)

Also, don't forget to browse the $1 aisle anytime you go. That row could be a couponer's dream!

And, I might as well mention this deal, too, since you all know how much I love ice cream!

Walmart will be offering free full-size samples of ice cream on May 30th from 11-4.
You can go HERE to plug in your zipcode and find out if your store is participating.
(Look's like about all the Supercenters in Springfield and Marshfield, MO are included)

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