May 30, 2009

My First Give-away!!!! Access to a Professional Organizer!!

This will be SaveGreenLiveGreen's first give-away. I am super excited about it, and I hope you will all jump in and participate.

I had a chance to meet with Christie Love of Simple*Organized*Sanity. She is a professional organizer (member of the National Association of Professional Organizers). Her services are vast and varied. You can visit Christie's website HERE. While there, sign-up for her weekly email. She sends out great organizing tips each week. You can also visit her blog.

So, Christie came over to visit the scene of the crime. (I love house-calls!!--just ask my midwife!) She was providing me with a 30-min. consultation. I wanted to maximize my time with her, so I decided to focus on one area in particular--my desk. Specifically my bookkeeping. This might be the place where I confess that I haven't balanced my checkbook in over 6 months--but that would be too personal.

I told Christie the issues I had with bookkeeping: my lack of time, disorganization, complicated system, etc. She was always quick with great ideas. We discussed what to keep and how long. She listened well and provided steps for developing a tailor-made bookkeeping system. What she suggested involved creating a binder. She was even willing to get the materials and create the binder for me! Something else she mentioned was the Neat Receipt. I love it! I will have my super-frugal eye out for this! I love that I could save copies of my receipts on a disk and then toss them in the recycling bin.

I really enjoyed my session with Christie. Now, I just have to go make my binder....and get in the habit of using it.

A Sample of Services available:

Residential Services: space planning, custom-built storage solutions, organizing specific rooms of the house

Organized Mom Coaching: teaches and helps you develop organizational strategies. I think this would be great for home-schooling families or families with very full schedules. (On a side note, Christie really emphasizes discretion and privacy, an important aspect of such work.)

Work From Home coaching: Christie has a strong background in direct sales, and can help jump-start a business, regain focus, implement strategies for growth, organization, etc.

She can even help with party/event planning and organization

And more!

FYI: Christie's rate is $25/hour. That is about $10 LESS/Hour than the competition. She also runs a referral program.

Win a Free 30-minute phone consultation with a Professional Organizer

To enter to win, visit Christie's website and check out the services she provides.

Next, comment here about what you would most like to work on with a professional organizer (if it is too personal, just tell us you want to organize the pantry **wink**)

Since it is a phone consultation, you do not have to live in the local area to participate!

For another chance to win, just link to this post on your own blog! Then come back here and paste your link in the comments.

Good luck!

Entries will be accepted until June 7. Winner will be announced the following day.

A few people have reported trouble with leaving a comment. You might try leaving an anonymous comment, and then just signing your name (assuming I know who you are--will need to contact you if you win!) You do not have to fill in the url info. If you continue to have a problem with it, feel free to email me your comment, and I can post it for you. Email button is in upper right corner. Thanks!


Katie said...

I need help with either figuring out my paperwork/bills, etc or my kitchen/pantry space. My pantry area is also my laundry area, so it's always a jumble of crap I feel like. So, one of those two.
I'm so excited you have a give-away! Good for you and your site. :)

Katie T.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I want to enter! I need help with my studio and Søren's future play area in the living room!


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness...i could use this in so many areas of my life, but most of all i would like my living room back--it is a mess of clean laundry, books stacked up and ready to trade, boxes and bubble mailers that i plan to reuse for said book swapping...there's more but it's too embarassing to reapeat here! lol

Lara said...

I need help with office paperwork. My husband works from home and we need to keep everything for tax deductions and it's all a huge mess. So far we've lost the title to the truck, our son's social security card (he's only 3 months old), the water softener warrenty papers... I could go on. There's "the drawer" where everything goes and then it disappears forever.


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I would LOVE to have some help in organizing my kids' stuff. It seems I don't know what to keep, toss, sell, donate, etc. I mean, I might need it for the younger kids or use it again! I feel terrible telling my kids to "clean their rooms" when my space (kitchen, master bedroom, etc.) is not much better. I'm gonna sign up for Christie's tips on her website. Thanks!

Kim Adams said...

I could use help preparing to move. I was so excited to see her Decluttering for Christ page; we've been having so many conversations along those lines lately (like, is it *really* cheaper to save "stuff" for later to avoid buying it again, if you have to rent/buy a bigger house to store it in?).

Heather said...

I want to organize my kitchen. It is a catch-all for everything. I need it organized as I am beginning homeschooling.