May 17, 2009

Grocery Highlights: Target & Walgreens

I managed to get out a bit today. There was a bit of drama, as I lost my purse (and cell phone) and had to cut my trip short. It was eventually turned in a couple agonizing hours later.


I bought over $60 worth of merchandise and only paid $13 (could have been $3 if I had remembered to use my $10 gc from last week!)

Here are some of my finds--incidentally, I got home and found that Hip2Save had posted some of the same deals...and more.

Joint Juice $.99 Free after $1 insert q

Hershey's Bliss Candy Bars (next to registers) $.99 Free after Target q (print from HCW or A Full Cup--links on the right)

Kraft Mayo On sale for $1.99 Use Target q $1/2 AND insert q $1/1 (use 2 q's) = $.49 each

Market Pantry OJ $1.99 Use Target q $.50/1

There was lots of Health & Beauty clearance again. Particularly, Dove Ultimate/Go Fresh items.
There have been lots of Dove insert q's. And, there were some $2/1 IPs. Pair these with the Target q for Dove Go Fresh to get things free or cheap.


I went by today and used my B1G1 coupons on Purex. I got 4 bottles of the Purex Naturals. They were B1G1 at $8.99 (marked up--pffftt). My coupons had max value of $7, and I used 2 of them, so I essentially paid $1 each. Not too bad!

My big find, though, was this:

Traditional Medicinals!! Several varieties (Echinacea, ThroatCoat, Kids ThroatCoat). All 50% off, so priced at $2.24 Use the $1/1 from the Go Organic q's for an even sweeter deal!
(I specifically found this in the clearance section of the WAGS on S. Campbell)

They also had black No Nonsense pantyhose for $.99 Use insert q $1/1 to get for free

If you need to find a q, use the coupon databases at HCW or A Full Cup-- or just ask me and I would love to help!

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