May 23, 2009

Walgreens: Week 5/24

Common Sense with Money has posted some match-ups for this coming week at Walgreens.

You can view the full ad scan HERE.

Nothing I will be running to the store for again this week. I do have $1/1 Tropicana coupons, so will probably go get some $.99 OJ.

You could get free toothpaste or toothbrushes...

Anything look good to you?


Anonymous said...

Nothing I'll be running in for either, I don't think. The popcorn looks like it might be a good deal.
Yesterday, I went to WAGS and got a free DIal body wash that I read about on hip2save. I have two more of those coupons, so I'm going to go today to get more. Yesterday, though, because the coupon was one cent more than than the product, they may be buy something else, too, instead of just paying the six cents tax. Argh. I bought Honey Maid graham crackers that were $3 and used my $1 coupon, so that's okay and made me feel like I wasn't wasting my money just to get something free, kwim?
Also, the WAGS on Campbell and Battlefield had Planter's nuts on Clearance in the front for $1.74. If you use your $1 coupon, that's a great deal!! I was bummed when I saw that, because I used my coupon the other day at Target. But, I know you said you guys eat those, so you may want to check it out if you're in Springfield in the next couple of days. And get your free body wash!!


Anonymous said...

At WAGS this morning, I got two more free body washes. THere was only one left, though, after I took my two.
I think this week I'm goig to do the Colgate Advaced toothpaste RR wtih a mfc coupon to get free toothpaste. Huggies are also on sale for 9.99, and i have some mfc coupos for them, too. I need to get some sposies for summer trips coming up, and Huggies are my faves.
Also, not sure if you know this yet, Stephanie, (you probably do!!) but Dillon's has Clff and Luna bars on sale 10/10!!! Add the mfc coupon for a good deal. And the Kraft dressings were only 1.69. Add a Kraft coupon for 69 cent dressing. Also, they have Kashi cereal 2 for $7. I got two Honey Sunshine boxes and brought my total down to $5 for two boxes, and they are GOOD!!! Michael says they remind him of cap'n cruch, lol.
OK. I'm done rambling now!! :) Katie

Stephanie said...

Hey, great deals! First, you knew this, but the coupon for the bodywash beeped because it was one cent over. They should have just adjusted it down--or just given you the $.01 overage. Many WAGS cashiers (and managers) know less about the coupon system than couponers. I went in and bought a deodorant and paid with a "free deodorant" coupon. The register didn't even charge me tax! I guess every situation/cashier is different.

I found the Planter's clearanced at my store for $.88! Bought 3 jars and used 3 $1/1 coupons. Even got the overage!

Just wanted to let you know that Dillons is running a Huggies deal of some sort. Let me know if you can't find specifics. I think it works out pretty good, especially if you can find some of the $3/1 Pure & Natural Huggies q's. I never know what will interest you guys, so feel free to mention a deal when you see it.
BTW, this past week there were $1.50/1 q's for Kraft dressing--did you get any? It is on sale at Price Cutter for $1.49 = Free.

Great shopping! Love the comments!