May 24, 2009

Grilling Coupon Bonanza

So, this is not too eco-minded, but if you are already planning on grilling out and need charcoal to do so, this is quite a deal. We actually did this today, for a BBQ at DH's work.

Go HERE to get a coupon that says
Buy Kingsford charcoal (13 lb +) and any of the following: KC BBQ sauce....etc. And receive $6 on The Other White Meat (there seems to be no limit to printing this coupon)

Use the coupon that came out last week for:
Buy Kingsford charcoal and get a bottle of KC BBQ sauce free

Use the 2 coupons together and buy the charcoal. Get the BBQ sauce and $6 in meat FREE! It actually just takes $6 off your order. So whatever else you buy, you can use q's for also. Ex. Today we bought Johnsonville brats, so along with the other q's, I used a $.55/1 coupon.

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