May 20, 2009

Grocery Highlights: Week 5/20

These notes are based on ads only. I will try to update after I get to the store.

First off, I have to say that Price Cutter is the winner this week. They have some great sales going. Whether you are going to be grilling for the holiday weekend or not, this is definitely around the time to stock up for the year on all things picnic/grilling-related.
Note: Some of this is conventional food. I list what interests me... There are probably more items that have coupon match-ups, so keep your eyes open.

Price Cutter

Sweet Corn $.10 each (limit 10)
Van Camp's Pork & Beans 3/$1
Kraft Dressing $1.49 If you still have your $1.50/1 q's = Free, or use $1/1 q's from link in top right corner
Kraft Cheese (crumbles, cuts, chunk, shreds) $1.59 Use $1/1 q's I posted link earlier, =$.59 ea!!
Lay's Chips, B1G1 (depending on the price, Dillon's is prob. the better deal)
Nabisco Crackers, B1G1 (If Artisan Wheat Thins are included, use insert q's that are B1G1 to get 2 for free!) Well, the Artisan crackers are part of the sale. However, the register rings them up each at half-price, instead of one full-price and one for free. When I went to use my coupons, I had a very negative experience with the manager. He ended up putting my coupon in for the full-price of one box (getting me 2 boxes free), but was very ugly about it. I called the corporate office today to discuss his behavior and their coupon policy in general. The customer service at the corporate level was excellent. I was told that I could use a B1G1 coupon with the B1G1 sale, and that the coupon should be entered for the full-price of the item. I was told the store would be alerted to this. Please don't let people treat you disrespectfully just because you are using coupons! We are just trying to do the best we can for our families. If you don't have a B1G1 coupon, since they are ringing up half-price, you can use the $1/1 coupons from to make the boxes $.75 each. Use the link in the upper right corner.

3 lb bag of organic onions, $2.49 The ad says these are Melissa brand, but at the store on Sunshine, I was pleasantly surprised to find they were Earthbound Farms. This allowed me to use my $.55/1 coupon and get them for $1.94/bag or $.65/lb-- a great price for even conventional onions on sale, let alone organic!!

McCormick Grill Mates 5 for $4, use $.50/1 insert q's to get for free! The ad quotes this sale, but be prepared as they are not entered right into the register. Cashier should just overide the price.

Smart Chicken, boneless skinless breasts and tenders $3.99/lb
Johnsonville Brats $2.79 There are $.55/1 insert q's
Lipton Gallon Tea 2/$5 Many of these have $.50/1 hangtags = $1.50

PC doubles coupons with face value up to $.50


Lay's Chips $1.88 (I posted the $1/1 coupon from Smartsource earlier)
Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausages B1G1, use 2- $.55/1 insert q's = about $1.25 ea
Post Cereals $2.48 (if includes Trail Mix Crunch, use $2/1 IP)
Weber Spices 10/$10 Use $.50/1 insert q = Free
Reach Toothbrushes 10/$10 Use insert q's B1G1 and a $.50/1 = 2 Free
Colgate Toothpaste 10/$10 Use $.75/1 insert q's = Free
Sobe and Vitamin Water are both 10/$10 I posted a link to B1G1 IP for Sobe a while ago.
Barbara's Cereals are $3.50, use $1/1 IP posted awhile back (don't expire until Dec!)
Organic Pears are still $.99/lb I laughed, as conv. pears are priced at $1.19 I doubt anyone even notices they could get organic cheaper!

There are lots of other match-ups with q's and cellfire and shortcuts, too. These are just the freebies, etc. Let me know if you spot any other great deals! I'll try to update when I actually get to the store.

After shopping, I realized that both a Cellfire q and a Shortcut q did not come off my order. If this happens, it is very simple to just contact them online, fill out the form and they will credit your Plus card, which will come off on your next order.

Another thing I have learned, Dillon's gives a $.05 bag credit for every bag. Now, depending on the cashier, it can be for every bag you BRING or Use. Needless to say, I bring them all in now. ;)

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