May 21, 2009

New Link to $1 IP Kraft Cheese Coupon

A few days ago I posted a link to a $1/1 internet printable coupon for Kraft cheese.

Well, today I just got a new link! You can go print out two more (per computer).

I just used these yesterday. Price Cutter has Kraft cheese on sale for $1.59, so I paid $.59/bag!!

By the way, if shredded cheese makes you uncomfortable and you want more information about powdered cellulose, natamycin (it is not an antibiotic), etc., HERE is a link to FAQ from Sargento.
I often go back and forth on whether I want to use shredded cheese or not. It is purely a convenience. If you do not want to use shredded cheese, the coupons are also good on chunks or slices. Chunks do not have the added ingredients. I also feel like I get more for the $$ with chunks.

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