May 31, 2009

Working Walgreens 5/31

This week seems to be a good one to practice working Walgreens--and make a little money in the process. This is what I did today. I visited 2 Walgreens and had 4 transactions.

#1 Bought 1 Ecotrin $2
1 Chinet Plates $1.50
Used q's Ecotrin $2.25/1 (The cashier price adjusted down to $2/1)
Chinet $1/1
Total: $.54 OOP
Received: $2RR

#2 Same as #1

#3 Bought 1 Ecotrin $2
1 Bar organic shea butter soap $.74
1 mini highlighter $.17
1 block chocolate (omega-3 with fish--curiosity got better of me) $.24
Used q's Ecotrin $2/1 (from newspaper insert--no beep from register)
$1 RR from last week
Total $.17 OOP
Earned $2RR

#4 Exactly same as #3

Remember, if an item will print a Register Reward, you can only buy one of the same item per transaction (ex. only 1 Ecotrin), otherwise, the RR for the second (Ecotrin, for ex.) will not print.

Also, using those RRs counts as a manufacturer coupon. You can only use 1 manuf. coupon per item. So, if you need a filler, you might look for those $.17 highlighters!

Any questions?

Also, a reminder, your store should accept a coupon that is more than the price of the item. General consensus now seems to be that they will just adjust it down. Example: Ecotrin this week. It is $2. You give a coupon for $2.25 The register will beep because it is over amount of the item. Your cashier may just override it for $2.25--Great! But, if not, she should at least adjust it down and enter it for $2. If she refuses, please call a manager. The cashier is mis-informed and will stay such unless told otherwise. I was in my store today and told they have it posted in the office to accept coupons, but to just adjust them down. It's nice when everyone is on the same page. =)

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