May 7, 2009

Grocery Highlights: Week 5/6

I just had a big long post typed and it crashed. Grrr.
Tell me if you read this and find it helpful. Otherwise.... I might just quit. Grrrr.

I won't post links to save time and sanity. If you want to know where a coupon is, feel free to ask. I would love to help.


Planters on sale $4 for Natural Harvest California Almonds. Use target coupon for $1 off
Teddy Grahams box $2 use target coupon for $1 off
Annie's mac n chz is on sale
Several Cascadian Farms cereals are on sale. Several coupons out there

Freebies in the trial section:
Axe shower gel. Use $1 coupon from paper to get free
Band-aids. Diego and Hello Kitty 10 ct. Use $1 off coupon to get free

Dentek Flossers, natural and compostable clearance $1.68 Use $1 off coupon

(There is tons of clearance in health and beauty--even natural brands, i.e. Kiss My Face, etc. I heard they were going to redo the dept. Most things are only 15-30% off right now.)


Oscar Meyer hot dogs 10/$10 (we needed them for BBQ at DH's work)

Sara Lee hotdog buns (including ww) $1.89 Use $1 off coupon

Kettle Chips, 5oz Tuscan 3 Chz, $2 Use $1 off coupon

Barilla Pasta 10/$10 I had coupons that expired a week or so ago for $.55/1 I got 4 boxes of whole wheat pasta Free!! Dillons accepts expired coupons for about 2 weeks.

Zone Bars $1.25 ea More coupons that expired week ago $.55/1 I got 6 bars for $.25 ea


Kashi Go Lean Waffles $2.54 Use $1.50/1 coupon, only $1.04!! (Lmk if you need link)

Back to Nature I bought a box of cookies and crackers. Used $1/1 coupon for each (need link? lmk)

Halls cough drops $1.18 Use $1/1 from paper. Keep for next season, or donate.

Riceworks Chips $2.50 Use $1 off coupon from paper

Earthbound Farms baby carrots $1.58 Use $.55 off coupon, tearpad

YoPlus Yogurt $2.08 Use $1 off IP coupon

Stonyfield Farms 32 oz Yogurt $3.32 Use $1/1 coupon from Go Organic! book

We got mailers that had $1.50 off any Speedstick (remember, I keep every coupon!)
Walmart now has a $1 aisle. I found Speedstick there, so bought 6 sticks for $1 ea and used a $1.50 coupon for each-- made a profit! They go in the donate box.

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